A backyard summer wedding can be convenient and affordable, but most importantly, you can personalize it with endless options and without restriction. So, go all out for your dream wedding and let your creativity run wild with these backyard wedding ideas.

Plan for Sunshine but Prepare for Rain

First things first – have a backup plan in case rain shows up in the forecast. This will provide you peace of mind throughout the planning process. If your backup rain plan includes renting a tent, double check that the tent size is appropriate for the size of your space and guest list.

Bring the Outside In

If you are using a tent for your event but still want to create the feel of being outside, model your décor after the natural landscape with some of these backyard wedding ideas. Place potted trees as aisle markers or on either side of the altar or tent entrance. Then, use topiaries, potted plants and herbs or vases of fresh tree cuttings as centerpieces.

Drape garlands of lush green foliage on guest chairs or wrap them around the tent poles to create a rustic look and feel. Place fragrant herbs like lavender, mint, lemon verbena, or rosemary in key locations. These aromas can add a whole new dimension to your event. You can decorate the potted herbs by wrapping the pots in decorative paper or placing them in inexpensive wicker baskets.


The party doesn’t need to end once the sun goes down – consider these backyard wedding lighting ideas to create a welcoming and romantic feel at your event.

Line critical pathways for your guests with rope lighting or the soft glow of luminaries to help them navigate safely when it gets dark outside. You can rent bistro-style lights from your local party store or invest in affordable string light sets to illuminate your backyard. Attach string lights to each corner of the tent or covered patio, drape them from railings and wrap them around beams in the ceiling to create a glowing effect.

You can add small colorful bunting or clip photos of the two families to your string lights for a layered look. Luminaries, lanterns or light-filled mason jars can also be used to decorate the cake table or guest book table, or they can hang from tree branches around the yard.

Guest Tables

Consider covering your guest tables with sturdy brown Kraft paper for a rustic look and place decorated mason jars full of crayons or markers at each table. Guests can play traditional games such as Tic-Tac-Toe or write out their best wishes for the happy couple. As an alternative to traditional place cards, create unique personalized place settings with stencils.

Place lanterns, luminaries or mason jars filled with battery-operated string lights as guest table centerpieces to create an intimate space. Keep your centerpieces simple so they aren’t overpowering – guests like to mingle at their tables so avoid tall or oversized arrangements.

Backyard Wedding Ideas Brought to Life with Parties To Go

When it comes to altars, tents and lighting for your backyard wedding, Parties To Go has what you need to make your dream wedding come true. Altar rentals are available in a variety of finishes to fit into your backyard wedding décor, and tents are available for rent in a variety of sizes. Check out our website for more backyard wedding ideas or drop by our store to consult with our team of planning experts.