When all brides-to-be are spending countless hours on Pinterest, pinning the same ideas, it can be difficult to find unique ways to make your wedding stand out. Don’t get us wrong – we love Pinterest, but finding wedding decorating ideas that haven’t been done before is nearly impossible. If you’re getting married this summer, you are in luck! These 2018 wedding trends leave event stylists and planners with hearts in their eyes! The best part: there might be a few you’ve never seen before.

Check out 5 of our favorite 2018 wedding trends:

2018 wedding trends

Image Credit: Belathee Photography

Colored Candles

We love the romantic look that only candlelight can provide – but who says you have to stick to plain white? Try mixing up your centerpiece with a pop of color that doesn’t have to come from your choice of linens. Use a candelabra to add colored candles to your centerpiece or throughout your event. Stick to one color or switch it up at each table!

Dessert Bars

It’s no secret that some couples are opting for cupcakes or pie instead of the traditional wedding cake. This year, some brides are taking it a step further with a full dessert bar! This allows you to play with different desserts that everyone loves: cookies, cheesecake, pie, cupcakes, macaroons, candy, etc. Guests will love this sweet surprise. Plus, you can dress up the table with gorgeous decorations, adding to the overall aesthetic of your reception area!

2018 wedding trends

Image Credit: Junebug Weddings

Transparent Touches

See-through decor is quite popular this year – whether it be transparent tents, invitations, signs, centerpieces, etc. Transparent decorative touches create a modern look that still mixes well with vintage furniture, frames, and antiques. A custom clear glass sign with gold calligraphy is one of our favorite examples of how elegant transparent decor can look!

Black Decor Accents

The idea that black isn’t a good color for weddings is totally wrong! Using bold colors, such as royal blue, ultra violet, deep green, and of course, black, in your wedding color scheme is one of our favorite 2018 wedding trends. Not only is it unique, but it also creates a stunning backdrop for the contrast that your white wedding dress will provide. Plus, black pairs beautifully with almost every color!

Photo Spot (Instead of the Booth!)

The photobooth has become a favorite for modern-day weddings, but it’s not the only fun photo option you can set-up for your guests. Creating a photo backdrop allows you to decorate it how you’d like and guests can use their phones, because let’s be honest – they will want to Instagram it immediately! Provide them with fun photo props (available at our Party Store!) and display your wedding hashtag somewhere so you can look back later at all the fun photos captured.

Want to bring one of these 2018 wedding trends to life? Let us know. We’d be happy to help!