Colored Goblet Glasses

Colored Goblets (Set)

These assorted colored goblets can bring any table setting from ordinary to extraordinary. The vintage-style glasses have great detail and beautiful lines, making them works of art.

Colored Goblet

Assorted Colored Goblets

These vibrant colored goblets will make any table fun, elegant, and unique!

water goblet glassware rentals

Water Goblet (10oz)

Water goblet glassware rentals are a must-have for any dinner set up. It fits perfectly with any decoration scheme and compliments a well-set table.

wine glasses

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses provide an elegant touch to your event for serving wine to your guests. Choose from a variety of sizes: 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 16oz. Ask us which are best to serve red or white wines.

Stemless Wine Glass (12oz)

Wine Glass (12oz)

Give your event a modern touch with our stemless wine glasses. Stemless wine glasses are great for wedding receptions, corporate dinners, and more.

flute champagne glassware rentals

Flute Champagne Glass (6oz)

The flute champagne glass is a classic party essential. An excellent choice for any event.

flat champagne glassware rentals

Flat Champagne Glass (4oz)

A twist on the traditional champagne glass. This glass is perfect for making your event unique with a detailed touch.

Stemless Champagne Flute

Stemless Champagne Flute

Mimosas, anyone?

9oz tulip champagne glassware rentals

Tulip Champagne Glass (9oz)

The tulip champagne glass is elegant, with a touch of detail to add texture. Treat your guests to champagne for a celebration.

pint glassware rentals

Pint Glass (16oz)

Enjoy the clean look of this glass; it fits in with the rest of your glassware and provides a great option for any drink or cocktail.

pilsner glassware rentals

Pilsner Glass (12oz)

A more extravagant look for your guests’ pale-ale beverage; this glassware option is great for a more elegant occasion.

Non-Stem Pilsner Glass

Non-Stem Pilsner Glass

For an event that will be serving refreshing craft beers, this is a must.

margarita glassware rentals

Margarita Glass (9oz)

The traditional margarita glass is perfect for any occasion. Bring the fiesta that is a margarita to your next event with our glorious glassware.

pina colada glassware rentals

Pina Colada Glass (13oz)

For such a beautiful drink, it deserves a beautiful glass! Your guests will love the look of this glass at your next event. Great for the traditional pina colada, blended daiquiri, etc.

brandy glassware rentals

Brandy Glass (17oz)

A large container for an aged brown, wide on the bottom and narrow at the top, this is an exquisite addition to your event.

highball glassware rentals

Highball Glass (12oz)

The Highball glass compliments any event within its bar. Treat your guests to this dazzling look.

shot glass rentals

Shot Glass (2oz)

A must-have for your bar area, our shot glass is simple but practical.

cordial glassware rentals

Cordial Glass (1.5oz)

For small beverage portions, the cordial glass is perfect for a cocktail hour before a reception.

stemmed old fashioned glassware rental

Stemmed Old-Fashioned Glass (5oz)

Add an extra touch to your bar service with these stemmed glasses. Dress up the traditional look of your whiskey drinks.

old fashioned glassware rentals

Old-Fashioned Rocks Glass (9oz)

The simple glass is a must-have when serving whiskey drinks. A bar is not complete without the old-fashioned glass look.

English Bucket Glass

English Bucket Rocks Glass (14oz)

Perfect for a variety of cocktails and other beverages you may serve at your event.

martini glassware rentals

Martini Glass (6oz)

Treat your guests to this classy cocktail glass style. Whether your serving martinis, or another type of cocktail, its an elegant presentation for your guests’ drinks.

Zombie Stemless Glass (12oz)

Zombie Stemless Glass (12oz)

Our Zombie stemless glasses are gorgeous glassware rentals for any event. Create a flawless look with these unique glasses.

irish coffee mug glassware rentals

Irish Coffee Mug (8oz)

Serve a delicious hot beverage with this glorious glassware.

sherry glassware rentals

Sherry Glass (2oz)

Enjoy the elegance and simplicity of our sherry glass, perfect for any small cocktail beverage.

punch cup glassware rental

Punch Cups (6oz)

Our clear punch cups can be placed next to the bowl or accompanied by the rest of the items at the dining table. Simple and useful!

crystal daisy punch bowl rental

Crystal Daisy Punch Bowl

Treat your guests to delicious punch in this beautiful serving container. The high-quality detailing attracts attention and highlights any table. The Daisy punch bowl holds 11 quarts and is perfect for efficient self-service at any event.

Wine Carafe

Wine Carafe

A convenient and decorative way to serve wine at your event.

Glass Water Pitcher

Glass Water Pitcher

Place a water pitcher at each table or use to serve guests.

Plastic Water Pitcher

Plastic Water Pitcher

A plastic alternative to our glass water pitcher.

sundae glassware rentals

Sundae Glass (5oz)

Your guests can enjoy their dessert in this detailed dish, decorated with a beautiful design.

Glassware Rentals

Spice up your beverage presentation with our glassware rentals! Give your guests something to admire while they quench their thirst. We have a large selection of glassware items for you to choose from. Water goblets, beer/wine glasses, cocktail glasses, punch bowls, and more. Any drink you can think of, we have a glass for it!

“Parties to Go was very helpful in helping me decide what sort of chairs to use and glassware. And very flexible in the amount that I rented. They were willing to lessen the amount that they rent out, since I only needed about half of what they normally send.” – Morgan