safety rentals

Event Barricade

Made of lightweight galvanized steel. Our Barricades are an excellent option for crowd control or as a temporary railing system to direct pedestrian traffic away from small excavations, disaster sites, or for demarcating property. Our experienced installers will work closely with you to ensure that the barricades are located when and where you need them to provide the most effective safety rentals for crowd control.

safety rentals

Traffic Cones (18″)

These brilliant fluorescent orange are great for directing traffic and making directions clearer for your guests. 100% PVC one-piece construction, long lasting visibility and meets NCHRP-350 & MUTCD requirements.

safety rentals

Chrome Stanchions
& Black Velour Rope

Chrome Stanchions and Black Velour Rope give a red-carpet feel to crowd control. Perfect for use at your main entrance or to keep distance from expensive displays, these ropes are a great option. They can create safety zones for celebrity appearances and can keep waiting lines are more orderly. These can be highly effective for book and CD signings, high school proms, and many more types of events. Provide safety without huge barricades.

safety rentals

White Wide Picket Fencing

The White Wide Picket Fencing comes in 6 and 8 foot pieces. The 6 foot pieces are free standing and the 8 foot pieces connect in order to run linear feet of fencing. Each section is 3 1/2′ high and provides highly effective crowd control while also displaying a clean appearance. Perfect to maintain long lines or direct traffic, this barricade option is visually appealing and efficient.

wood stanchions rental

Wood Stanchions

Wood Stanchions are perfect for any event, and provide an inexpensive solution for crowd control. These simple, yet effective, barriers are helpful for fundraisers, concerts, and other events with high populations. Available in black and white (5′ plastic chain links).

cable protector ramps

Cable Ramps

No one wants the unsightly look of cable cords at their event; not to mention, it can be a safety hazard. Our Cable Ramps provide a simple solution for hiding electric cables and preventing accidents for your guests. We have ramps with a variety of channels for multiple cords.

Safety Rentals

With larger events expecting a high number of guests, crowd control is extremely necessary. In order to ensure the organization and safety of your event, Parties To Go provides equipment to maintain crowd flow. These forms of safety rentals are particularly helpful for: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, sporting events, etc. Our variety of fencing and visibility features are helpful for events that may require lines, an admission gate, etc.