white resin chair rentals

White Resin Chair

Comfort is key with the padded seat, white resin folding chairs. Add a touch of cushion to keep your guests happy during a long event. These are the perfect chair rentals for any occasion, especially weddings, company parties, etc. Chair caps in various colors are available.

white metal chair rental

White Samsonite Chair

Our white metal frame chairs have a plastic seat and back for comfort. They are easily portable and ideal for events with a lengthy guest-list. These chairs are great for surprise weather conditions and is additional seating when needed. White chair covers and chair caps in various colors are available.

ispra resin chair rental

Ispra Resin Chair

The Ispra model is the perfect chair for an outdoor event. The white, heavy-resin folding chair is comfortable and provides a clean, polished look to any occasion. The white, heavy-resin folding chair is easily portable, such as moving from a ceremony to the reception at a wedding.

malaga resin chair rental

Malaga Resin Chair

The Malaga model provides great seating for guests in an outdoor or indoor setting. The armless, white, heavy-resin folding chair is easily placed next to another for optimal seating at a large event.

natural wood chair rental

Natural Wood Chair

For events with a more natural look, the wood folding, padded chair is a great option. The wood color completes the look of a casual occasion, while also providing comfort with its ivory pad.

chiavari ballroom chair rental

Chiavari Ballroom Chair

The Chiavari Ballroom chair is a beautiful option for an elegant event. The chair would fit in nicely in a small or large venue, adding to the ambiance of a charming occasion. Choose from fruitwood or silver; available with or without seating pad.

black resin chair rental

Black Resin Chair

Provide your guests with optimal comfort with the padded, black, heavy-resin folding chair. The black chair encourages a chic look while also keeping your guests happy. Chair caps in various colors are available

white bistro chair rental

White Bistro Chair

The Bistro chair is ideal for casual, outdoor occasions. Easily stackable and portable, these chairs are perfect for a low-key, easygoing event. Place them in a seating arrangement or around a picnic table; your guests will love the comfort of these white resin chairs.

universal black chair cover

Universal Black Chair Cover

Our universal black chair covers are great for weddings, corporate parties, fundraiser galas, etc. They add a sleek look to any one of our chair rentals and pair beautifully with our table linens.

Chair Rentals

Chairs are a must-have for any event. After all, your guests need somewhere to sit and relax! The seating arrangement is crucial for events like weddings, where the ceremony and reception are held. For fundraisers or concert events, seating provides a comfortable way to view entertainment. Your choice of chairs is important for any event, no matter the occasion!

Choose from our wide variety of chair designs to find the one that best suits your event. Our selection includes everything from casual outdoor chairs to elegant ballroom chairs.

“Parties to Go was very helpful in helping me decide what sort of chairs to use and glassware. And very flexible in the amount that I rented. They were willing to lessen the amount that they rent out, since I only needed about half of what they normally send.”
– Morgan