If you’re getting married in 2019, congratulations! Not only on your upcoming marriage, but also for picking a year that has some of the hottest trends we’ve ever seen gracing bridal magazines. We’ve narrowed the 2019 wedding trends down to our top 5. These are the trends with the most style to add to your wedding, while taking it easy on your wedding budget.

The beauty of each of these trends is their flexibility. Each one offers the opportunity to make them uniquely yours so your wedding doesn’t feel “cookie cutter.”

2019 wedding trends

1. Bringing the Outdoors In

Outdoor weddings are dreamy, but planning for rain or big storms isn’t on every couple’s dream to-do list. Indoor weddings offer beautiful architecture and less stress about uncontrollable circumstances. This year’s weddings are calling for the best of both worlds with bringing the outdoors in.

How to Incorporate this Trend:

Arches provide a beautiful opportunity to bring an outdoor element into your wedding. They can be covered in flowers and grasses, or you can select a natural wood finish archway that will complement the other natural elements you use in your wedding decor. If you want smaller outdoor touches, using outdoor elements in unexpected places is a fun way to add a unique twist to your wedding. Wood rounds beneath your centerpieces are an example of these fun, natural touches. Draping garlands of greenery over the backs of pews or weaving them through chair backs is another way to bring the outdoors inside your wedding venue.

2. Statement Linens

Linens are a subtle event detail that a lot of people don’t think about until the last minute. Though they seem like a small detail, linens are actually very important and can provide a fun statement piece. Using them, you can add a pop of color and texture that really grabs your guests’ attention. In 2019, linens are getting their time in the spotlight as a fun wedding trend. There are variations to this trend though, so there are plenty of opportunities to customize it.

How to Incorporate this Trend:

Think bright and simple colors. Coral shades made the trend lists for this year, and for those whose style is more airy and light, we think this is perfect. Especially if you’re creating an outdoors-in wedding mentioned above, coral is a great addition to your table set. If you choose a bold-colored linen as a table complement, the rest of your table setting and centerpieces can stay simple and more muted in color.

The beauty of small details like linen colors is that there’s a wide variety to choose from. If you prefer to be not-so-subtle, sequined linens have your name written all over them. Remember: you can always go off-trend and pick a different color scheme or texture that feels more like “you.” That’s the fun of it!

2019 wedding trends

3. Colorful Touches

Weddings in 2018 were focused on simplicity and very neutral colors. Bright colors are making a comeback in 2019. Adding color to your wedding doesn’t have to be overpowering.

How to Incorporate this Trend:

Try picking small trends that incorporate a punch of color. For example, confetti is a already a source of joy at celebrations. Pick out a bright color to further enhance the “pop” of celebration – pun intended! Brides Magazine points out that colorful confetti creates a fun, insta-worthy photo op for you and your new spouse. Get your guests involved by having multiple colors available to shoot off during your grand exit. That way, each person can pick their favorite and add their own flare of color to the celebration.

4. Banquet Tables with Low Florals

Are you sensing a theme to our favorite trends yet? We love any opportunity to take a simple idea and give it a small tweak to make it unique. Banquet tables are a necessity at large weddings to make sure you have enough seating for everyone. Sometimes when you use large tables covered with elaborate centerpieces, you can lose a sense of intimacy that’s really important in a wedding reception. This trend helps your space feel more warm and inviting.

How to Incorporate this Trend:

Adding low floral arrangements (meaning not too tall) to your banquet tables is a wedding trend that will add class and intimacy to your reception. If you keep your floral arrangements short, your guests can still view each other over them. You can add further depth to this look by placing candles at varying heights along the table.

This trend is another easy way to bring the outdoors to an indoor space. Floral arrangements come in such a wide, customizable variety; it’s easy to use this trend to make the look of your banquet tables your own.

5. Grazing Tables

Our last, but favorite, trend for 2019 weddings is grazing tables. These are tables set up with small snacks like meats, cheeses, and produce. Grazing tables could be used as an appetizer to keep your guests occupied during your cocktail hour or until dinner is served. Some couples are changing up the status quo and making all of their wedding food available to graze on throughout the reception as a replacement to traditional catering.

How to Incorporate this Trend:

Dress up your grazing tables by using something unique, like barrel tables. Simplifying the way you serve food can reduce your catering budget and ease some of the wedding stress. The simpler you can make serving your guests during the reception, the less you’ll worry on the day of the event. This trend hits all three qualities to be a keeper for us: it’s fun, simple, and money-saving.

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