Are you desperately searching for some new Christmas party ideas for your office holiday party? Did your overhear grumblings about the ugly Christmas sweater and Secret Santa parties you’ve repeated over the last decade? Read on because we have some terrific ideas that are sure to make your employees feel valued.

There’s no doubt that it’s challenging to throw an exciting company Christmas party when you’re a small business with a limited entertainment budget. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a Fortune 500 sized party budget to make your staff happy during the holiday season. Instead, follow along for some of our best, budget-friendly Christmas party ideas.

Keep the Party Low Key

As you begin to think about planning your corporate holiday party, keep in mind that December is a very hectic time of year. Your staff is probably super busy finishing up their end-of-the-year work along with preparing for their family holiday celebrations. You can make yourself the holiday party hero if you make this year’s office party a low-stress event.

How can you create a fun and low-stress party that shows your staff that you care? Trust us; the single best thing that you can do to show your employees that you love working with them is to hold your company Christmas party during work hours. Show your staff that you value the time that they spend in the office by not intruding on the time that they spend with their loved ones during the holiday season.

Have we convinced you to throw this year’s office Christmas party during office hours? If so, keep reading for four low-key party ideas.

4 Christmas Party Ideas

Each one of our party suggestions encourages a joyful holiday spirit while also keeping things low-key. One thing that we know from our years in the party supply business is that the happiest parties are the ones that focus on bringing everyone together. That said, here are four of our favorite holiday office party ideas.

No.1- Movie day at the office

Who doesn’t love Christmas-themed films? Consider renting a movie screen from Parties to Go so that everyone has a good view of the film. Purchase an assortment of theater-style refreshments. Read this Esquire article for a complete list of the all-time great Christmas movies.

No. 2- Spend the day shopping

One of the toughest things about Christmas shopping, when you work full-time, is finding the time to hit the shops. Surprise your staff with a gift card and a group outing to a local shopping area.

No. 3- Wrap presents for little kids

Have you ever thought about how the most enjoyable parts of Christmas, now that we’re adults, involves wrapping presents for young children? We have a feeling that there isn’t a single person in your office who wouldn’t get a kick out of wrapping toys for young children. Why not hold an office toy drive and then coordinate with a local non-profit to wrap gifts for delivery to kids in Lane County.

Check out Oregon Public Networking for organizations that would love some help in December.

No. 4- Share a delicious holiday-inspired breakfast

Who doesn’t love breakfast foods? From delicious pastries to fluffy omelets, there is nothing quite as relaxing as the chance to linger over a delicious breakfast buffet. You can opt to order food from your favorite breakfast place or ask everyone in your office to bring a dish to share.

No breakfast is complete without multiple cups of coffee. Treat your staff to a fantastic assortment of coffee and teas to help them start their day. Peanut Blossom has some truly yummy tips on including a coffee bar in your Christmas party here.

Don’t forget to fancy up the dining table with Christmas-themed tableware. You can keep the decorations understated or go all out into Santa’s workshop territory. Whatever your holiday decorating vision includes, you can buy or rent it at Parties to Go.

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Office Christmas parties have been around for decades, and it’s no surprise that some of the celebratory themes are a bit stale. Our Christmas party ideas are a terrific way to bring some warmth and joy into your employee holiday party this year.

All of us at Parties to Go wish you a joyous holiday season, and we hope that you’ll visit us soon. Contact us for an enormous selection of affordable party supplies.