Congratulations! You’re engaged, and now all you must do is plan a wedding. As if it could be that easy.

But what if it could be that easy?

Having a microwedding is becoming an increasingly popular choice, not only for affordability but also to reduce the bride and groom’s stress. After all, the big day is supposed to be about you and your partner, not the guests. However, unfortunately, that often isn’t the case. Enthusiastic family members long to participate but can end up trying to control too much of the wedding. Even if your family is perfect, the costs of everything from cake to table centerpieces can add up quickly.

The traditional wedding is certainly not on its way out the door, but new and simpler alternatives are popping up fast. Keep reading for everything you need to know about having your own microwedding.

What is a Microwedding?

A microwedding generally has 15 or fewer guests. Other than the limited guest list, you are free to conduct the ceremony however you want. Typically, small weddings will also come with changes to the classic wedding outline. Opting against assigning bridesmaids or groomsmen, having food caterers, or even purchasing flowers are common things to nix at these small ceremonies.

That said, you can include all of those things, but the key to a small wedding is the short guest list and the freedom that comes with not having to worry about hundreds of guests.


We’ll be as bold to say that you’ll likely save thousands of dollars, given that you’d otherwise be spending the American average of $44,000 for the big day. With a small wedding comes perks of being able to afford things that you may not have been able to otherwise afford.

The venue, for example. You can go almost anywhere – a resort, a cozy bed and breakfast, even a local park. If you only have a handful of guests, it’ll be so much easier to take them with you. You could get married in a restaurant courtyard and have a 5-star meal directly afterward. Because you’ll save so much money by having fewer guests, the possibilities of your venue grow exponentially.

Speaking of food, forget about catering for 100+ people! Treat yourself and your guests to whatever your stomach desires. Averaging $40 a person for a plated meal, you’ll save a swift $4,000 on just food if you were to have a wedding of 100 guests. Take you and your small party out for a meal none of you will ever forget. Keep in mind, too; if you do opt for a vendor, their pricing won’t change based on how small your party is.

The dress is another aspect that has exciting prospects for your wallet. There are two ways to look at it: One, the bride doesn’t buy an expensive wedding dress but instead wears something nontraditional. Alternatively, she still purchases a dress and actually has extra money to spend on it from what she’s saved by opting for a smaller wedding. Either way, it’s good news for the bride.

Other Things to Consider

Though microweddings often reduce stress, there are some things you should think about that may not disappear even when reducing the number of people invited.


When people find out you’re not inviting them, there can be general push-back. Remember, this day is for you and whoever you want to invite. Stick to your guns and be polite but firm.

Registering for gifts

Even though many family and friends won’t be at the actual ceremony, they’ll still want to send you a gift. You don’t have to ask for presents, especially if you don’t want people to be obliged since they can’t come to the wedding, but still register just in case they ask.

Your Top 3

Even the tiniest wedding can get complicated if the bride and groom aren’t on the same page. Each partner should discuss the top 3 things you each must have for your celebration. Don’t stray from it! Knowing these things will help guide the entire affair and keep planning simpler for you.

At the end of the day, a wedding, no matter how big or small, is a symbol of you and your partner’s commitment and love for each other. A microwedding is a simple and beautiful way to celebrate with only a few of your closest people. Keep it simple and enjoy your day to the fullest.

If you’re planning a wedding of any size, contact Parties to Go for rentals, decorations, and inspiration. We’re always ready for a celebration of love!