Congratulations on having the high honor of planning a baby shower. A new baby is one of life’s precious moments and having the chance to design a baby celebration is a reason for joy. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a tiny bit nervous at the prospect of hosting the event, we have you covered with 10 fantastic baby shower theme ideas.

So, put your creative cap on and let’s take a look at some unique baby shower themes.

Theme #1: Quackin’ Good Time

This baby is sure to grow up a fan of the University of Oregon Ducks. What better way to give the baby a little school spirit than a duck-themed baby shower? Go green and yellow with your paper supplies. Toss a rubber duck into a bowl of punch. Play “Mighty Oregon” to introduce present time. Make sure that you include a giant cut-out of the Oregon Ducks for photo opportunities.

Theme #2: Strike a Pose

This theme lets you channel your inner photographer. Place some disposable cameras around the venue and instruct guests to take photographs. Enlist a volunteer to capture silly moments with a Polaroid camera so that everyone can enjoy the live images. One of the best parts of this theme is that the mom-to-be will leave the baby shower with an incredible array of photographs to mark the occasion.

baby shower theme ideas

Theme #3: Mamasté

Who wouldn’t love a yoga-themed baby shower? The beauty of this theme rests in the promise of relaxation that will envelop all of your guests as they arrive at a venue decorated with cushy yoga mats, pillows, and soothing music. Do you know someone who could lead the group in a prenatal yoga session? Indulge in yogurt drinks and desserts.

Theme #4: Burrito Baby

Have you ever heard of wrapping a baby up like a burrito? Here’s your chance to wrap the mommy up in a burrito of love at her baby shower. Imagine the decorating possibilities when you choose a burrito theme. Don’t forget the mariachi music and a bountiful burrito making bar. You might even serve some virgin margaritas complete with salted rim glasses.

Theme #5: All About Mom

It’s natural that everyone is focusing on the soon-to-be-here baby, but wouldn’t it be nice to shine the spotlight on mom for a little while? The key to this theme is to think about the mom and show who she is through the party decorations and activities. For example, a mom who loves to create art would adore a messy art activity. Unleash your imagination and concentrate on telling her story.

Theme #6: Forest Fest

Celebrate trees and the remarkable beauty of nature with a forest-themed baby shower. Trees represent life and the passing of the seasons in a powerfully visual way. Use leaf colors, bark, and even a small tree in your decorations. You might consider putting together a menu featuring foods that come from trees. Imagine such tasty treats as freshly baked apple pie, pecan bread, and an enormous fruit salad. You could even embrace a camping experience complete with a campfire, s’mores, and camp songs.

Theme #7: Rock and Roll

Add some Springsteen and the Rolling Stones to a baby shower for a music-loving mom. Put on some vintage rock and watch your guests rock out. Journey back in time with a game of Name That Tune. Go all out with the music theme by investing in a guitar-shaped cake.

Theme #8: Vintage Lace

Design a dreamy and romantic event with the liberal use of vintage lace. A lace covered party is a lovely idea if the shower is for a little girl, as pale pink and cream are clear color choices. Hit up a vintage thrift shop for an old-fashioned doll with a big fluffy lace dress. Extra points if you find a porcelain doll to use as a centerpiece.

Theme #9: Tea Party

Before you argue that tea parties are an overdone theme, imagine a Downton Abbey style affair. Plan a full menu of tea sandwiches, sponge cake, and cookies. The highlight of the high tea is, of course, the tea and it’s essential that you create an elaborate tea service complete with a selection of drinks, hot water, sugar, and cream.

baby shower theme ideas

Theme #10: Ready, Set, Action

Real life feels pretty dramatic when you’re coming close to welcoming a new baby, and a baby shower is an excellent chance to step away from the drama and spend a few hours enjoying a reel story. Movie nights are fast becoming a favorite, if a bit unusual, of the baby shower themes. The beauty of this idea is that it can be as elaborate or as simple as the event requires. You can celebrate a specific movie or movies in general. Top off the festivities by filming a home movie of the baby shower to serve as a keepsake for the mom-to-be.

You’ve Picked a Theme: Now What?

Once you have decided on a theme, it’s a great idea to give your creative side a boost by performing a bit of research. Try looking online for party ideas that fit your theme. You’ll find a plethora of ideas on websites such as Pinterest. Don’t hesitate to take an idea that you like from another subject and tweak it to fit your needs.

There is no substitute for the creative resources and supplies of a terrific party planning store. Parties to Go is your Eugene based party superstore, and we love taking your idea from the beginning through to its happy conclusion. We’d like to help you make your baby shower dreams come to life.

Lastly, the best advice that we can give you in planning a baby shower is to choose a theme that resonates with you, let us help with the preparations, and then relax and enjoy the day. There are very few things as unique in life as anticipating the arrival of a new baby. Contact us and we’ll contribute our baby shower planning know-how to your special event.