Centerpieces are meant to make a statement about the overall theme of your event and pull it all together into one gorgeous focal point. Below are some “do’s and don’ts,” and then we pulled together some whimsical centerpiece ideas to inspire you.

The Do’s of Centerpiece Design

Consider the functionality of your centerpiece. If the lights will be dimmed, consider integrating flameless candles to provide a little extra light at the table.

Consider mixing tall and short centerpieces but keep in mind line of sight. You don’t want a tall, bulky centerpiece that inhibits conversation amongst your guests.

Consider the Shape of the Table

  • Round tables suit a single centerpiece and are ideal for tall centerpieces.
  • Square tables have more space in the center than other shapes, meaning centerpieces can be more substantial.
  • Rectangular tables may require more than one single centerpiece. A narrow shape will avoid crowding out the place settings.

Use Floral Centerpieces to Match the Season

Consider using seasonal flowers to create a gorgeous floral centerpiece. Seasonal blooms will be fresher, brighter, and create an atmosphere of joy at the table.

  • For spring: Lilacs, hydrangeas, daffodils, tulips, sweet peas, wisteria, and magnolia
  • For summer: Snapdragons, gerbera daisies, asters, hydrangeas, roses, lilies, freesia, irises, lavender, and many more
  • For fall: Marigolds, sunflowers, asters, chrysanthemums, mums, zinnias, and dahlias
  • For winter: Poinsettias and holly

The Don’ts of Centerpiece Design

Don’t put limits on your creativity – flex that creative muscle! Flowers are customary for centerpieces, but they aren’t for everyone. Consider mini cacti, succulent arrangements, potted plants, and herbs.

Don’t be shy with color – it is probably the most powerful of the design elements. Use colors to create a mood, tie various objects together and dramatize an effect (i.e., add a contrasting color or bold shade to your central color theme).

Don’t Forget to Consider the Venue

If you are hosting an outdoor event or if ceiling fans will be on, avoid balloons or open flame, as even a hint of wind can wreak havoc.

Don’t Throw Your Centerpieces Out!

Consider reusing them and gifting them to those you care about:

  • Gift them to your guests.
  • Donate them to local hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.
  • Honor a loved one by placing flowers from your centerpieces on the graves of those who couldn’t be there.

Centerpiece Ideas to Get You Started

  • Edible Centerpieces: Create a delicious centerpiece using beautifully decorated cookies, cakes or pastries display on tinted or milk glass tableware lined with paper doilies.
  • Antiques: Easily create conversation starters by putting your treasures on display.
  • Travel themes: If you are planning a “Bon Voyage” party, put together a centerpiece that features the local food, culture, and climate of the destination.

Go with a Holiday Theme

Use one of our holiday centerpiece ideas below or create your own!


Check out these creative DIY Halloween centerpiece ideas, and then hit your local party store for all the spooky accessories you’ll need to complete the look.


Gather up multi-colored gourds or capitalize on the rich tones of autumn vegetables such eggplants, pears, and artichokes – arrange them down the center of your tabletop to use as a runner. Get the kids to help make a DIY paper leaf Thanksgiving runner.


Christmas: Arrange candy canes in simple glass vases with a ribbon tied around them – maybe add some fairy lights. Arrange evergreens and red apples in a decorative box or bowl. Fill various jars with water, stopping just a few inches below the brim, and add American and Michigan holly. Add a floating candle for a warm glow.

Valentine’s Day

Scatter rose petals and flameless candles down the length of your table.


Place a basket full of colorful DIY string eggs on your table, or place the eggs inside a faux grass nest.

Whether you need accessories to complete your DIY centerpiece or some inspiring centerpiece ideas to get you started, come in and browse or contact one of our consultants at Parties To Go.