For most families, Easter Brunch goes one of two ways: elegant or playful. At Parties To Go, we have everything you need to decorate your table for either style. Let us help you plan your table decorations and place settings for the perfectly hosted Easter Brunch celebration.

A good table setting and decor combination should be like painting a picture for each guest. With striking layers of complexity and subtle details to match, this adds to the experience and ambiance. Set the mood and welcome your family to the table in style.

easter table decorations


While a variety of pastel colors are now associated with Easter, the religious origins of Easter place significance on purple and white. The color purple represents the period of preparation and repentance associated with Lent. While white represents the renewal of the season and the Resurrection of Christ. In some celebrations, red is also a significant color. Eggs dyed red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and the eggshell represents the stone cavern where Christ was buried.

In less religiously based celebrations, the pastel colors represent the emergence of spring flowers from the snow-filled winter season. It’s a transition to brighter and warmer things to come.

In both elegant and playful settings, pastel colors are a perfect classic base. Start with two or three coordinating pastel colors to create your background layer. Pinks, yellows, greens, lavenders, and blues combined with cream are popular and easy to accent. From your color choice, you can build up your decor to fill the needs of sophistication or whimsy.

easter table decorations


Metallics create a tone and feel of style and sophistication that you don’t get with matte finishes. Setting your table with metallic and glossy pieces can give a chic styling to your table that sets it high above expectations and wows your guests. You’ll want to shy away from using metallic finishes on everything – bringing in pastels, creams, and matte finishes will give you a visual variety that enriches the overall look.

Here is a list of metallic finish pieces you could add to your table to bring out the elegance:

  • Plates layered and in different sizes
  • Vases with metallic accents and filled with Easter lilies, daffodils, tulips, daisies, and hyacinth flowers for a flush of brilliant color
  • Napkin rings, along with cloth napkins that match your table runner and accent your table cloth
  • Gold edged candy dishes or wine glasses filled with Jordan almonds or Cadbury Egg candies

Cream tones, and “shabby chic” stylings are also popular this year as a scaled-back sophistication. Instead of having rich floral bouquets, try simple sprouting bulbs in cream pots. This creates a soft and respectful look for a centerpiece that encourages conversation among your guests.

Birds nests filled with decorated eggs are also a beautiful way to celebrate the season with classic spring themed aesthetics. Mini greenhouses with sprouting flower bulbs also make darling focal points.

easter table decorations


Easter wouldn’t be complete without boldly colored eggs and an energetic visit from the Easter Bunny. Stories suggest that the Easter bunny lays, decorates, and hides eggs around the home and property for children to find and to celebrate new life of the spring season. The bunny represents new life and is strongly associated with Easter as most rabbits give birth to large litters of babies (called kittens) near Easter.

Playful Easter celebrations typically have more children in attendance than the more elegant variations of Easter Brunch. Therefore, many hosts choose paper or plastic dishware instead of china or porcelain. You can choose to stick with one muted pastel color or bring in a plethora of bright colors like those of the decorated eggs that the bunny has hidden.

Clear vases filled with bright jelly beans or shimmering basket grass create a fun and colorful focal point for a centerpiece on your table. Easter is a time of spring flowers, so using the bounty of the season in your decoration creates stunning splashes of color down your table.

Here are a few ideas to bring out the whimsical side of this fun-filled holiday:

  • Patterned cloth napkins create visual interest; polka dots, gingham plaid, and random stripes are popular. If you keep them in the same tonal range, you could even bring an extra layer of fun by mixing patterns and colors.
  • Napkin rings help anchor a place setting, but they don’t have to be boring. Try wrapping a candy necklace around your napkins, or using a coordinating ribbon to tie a message or tag to each one.
  • Whimsical centerpieces such as baskets or birds nests filled with candy or decorated eggs.
  • Bold colors for the floral or candy centerpieces give gravity to the table and bring people close for conversation.
  • Rabbit and carrot accents bring the Easter bunny to the forefront of the celebration.

For the Kids

Don’t forget about the kids’ table. Filling a smaller table with fun child safe decor, like faux topiaries, or baskets of fun activities is an excellent way to keep the younger crowd entertained while the adults engage in conversations about your glorious decorations.

Here are some ideas for children’s entertainment for your gathering:

  • Coloring Pages and Crayons – You can create a coloring station, or create Easter goodie bags where each child gets their own.
  • Treasure Hunt Eggs – Fill plastic eggs with exercises (like bunny hops) and clues to find a treasure trove at the end of Brunch.
  • Painted Egg Rocks – With the help of an adult, or an older sibling, children can paint large oval stones into Easter eggs to put in the garden at home, or share with others at a local park or similar location.

easter table decorations

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Regardless of how you celebrate, Easter is a time to spend with those you love most. No matter how you choose to decorate for your Easter Brunch, Parties To Go can help you be the best host you can be. Elegant and dignified or playful and full of whimsy, your celebration will be one to remember for years. Between our showroom, our knowledgeable staff and your imagination, we will help you set up your ideal Easter table.