According to the American director, artist, and writer Aaron Rose, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” His opinions have certainly been validated, with countless celebrities embracing the mantra that “lighting is everything.” Indeed, lighting brings out the best in people, partly because it brings out the best in a specific environment. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner with friends, a lavish wedding reception, or a team-building exercise for your colleagues, it’s important to get the lighting right. Not sure where to start? Here are event lighting rental tips to help you create the perfect ambiance for your special occasion.

Event Lighting Rental: What to Know

No matter what type of lighting your venue uses, the ambiance of the room can be completely transformed with event lighting rentals. Renting lights is also just as easy as renting wedding linens, dishware for graduation parties, tents for outdoor gatherings, and centerpiece displays.

To pick the perfect type of lighting for your event, it is helpful to consider these questions:

  • What tone do I want the lights to set?
  • Will the lights be used inside or outside?
  • What is the theme of the event?
  • What part of the room/space do I want to light?

Types of Lights Available to Rent for Special Events

Once you know the type of atmosphere you want to create at your wedding, graduation party, holiday party, birthday party, or another event, it’s time to decide which event lighting rental will create your desired effect. Here are common lighting options:

Bistro-Style Lights

Bistro-style lights are decorative strings of lights. They are also called string lights or café lights. They are frequently used in weddings and backyard events. This timeless, classic look works very well in tents, reception areas, ballrooms, and other venues. In addition to creating a lovely effect, bistro-style lights are versatile and can be used in rooms with chandeliers and other light fixtures.

LED Up-Lights

These incredible lights are used to wash any plain wall in the color of your choice. They are often used behind the head table at a wedding, behind a gift table, cake table, or anywhere additionally that you want to draw the eye. LED Up-lights create a radiant ambiance, which can be custom-tailored to your liking.

Chandelier Rentals

If your venue needs to be glamorized a bit, consider chandeliers as an event lighting rental option. For a classic look, opt for gold chandeliers. Also, for a truly upscale event, crystal clear chandeliers can transform even a large tent into a sophisticated, elegant venue.

Lamp Posts

Best suited for outdoor events, three-light lamp posts are a terrific option if you want to create a traditional ambiance. Reminiscent of city streetlamps of years past, this is a classic option for various outdoor events.

Air Star Lights

Giant glowing orbs are wonderful ways to create a fun atmosphere that also results in excellent photos of outdoor events. Glare-free, diffused air-star lights offer 360° illumination, making your event glow even in the dark.

Lane County’s Best Source for Event Lighting Rentals

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