When planning a fall party, pick what you love about the season – a seasonal food, concept, or activity – and create a theme around it! Maybe it is football or Halloween. Perhaps it is the abundance of fall harvests, such as apples and pumpkins. Maybe Thanksgiving is your favorite fall holiday, or you have a fall birthday to celebrate. Below are some fall party ideas to celebrate the season.


  • Tailgate Cookout

Have your friends over to watch the big game. Consider colored napkins, plates, and cups to reflect both teams’ uniforms. Or, go for a generic football theme. Check out this DIY goal post idea!

  • Backyard Ballgame

If you have the space, organize a football game of your own. You’ll need three teams for this party – two to play the football game and one to prepare to feed the hungry players!

Seasonal Food and Beverage Ideas

Celebrate a bountiful fall harvest with these timely food and beverage ideas.

Oktoberfest Biergarten

Highlight the best of Germany’s traditional fall festival with your own backyard biergarten complete with Bavarian-inspired décor, hearty food, and a variety of beer. The annual event also includes games and activities, so don’t forget to include some backyard party games such as a water balloon toss or lawn Twister!

Caramel Apple Party

Invite friends and their kiddos over to make and decorate their own caramel apple slices to enjoy. Start by asking your guests to bring their favorite apples. Then, slice the apples and insert candy sticks. Melt caramel in a fondue pot and serve everyone’s favorite toppings, such as chopped peanuts, Skor/Heath toffee bits, and graham cracker crumbs. (Hint: dip apple wedges in a carbonated drink such as ginger ale or lemon-lime soda to prevent them from turning brown.)

Chili Cook-off

Invite guests to bring their best chili, hot and ready to serve. Encourage a variety of styles, such as meatless, spicy, white, or a surprise ingredient. Serve a tossed green salad and bread. May the best chili win!

Pumpkin (or Apple) Dessert Party

Ask your guests to bring their favorite dessert using pumpkin or apples. Serve a seasonal soup such as butternut squash soup and then enjoy sampling each other’s delightful desserts. Suggest everyone bring copies of their recipes to share.


Celebrate the season with these spooktacular fall party ideas.

Pumpkin Carving Party

Put a slow-cook recipe on in the morning, set up some tables outside or place drop cloths under your kitchen or dining table, and invite your friends over for pumpkin carving before dinner. This is a great activity for the kids too! Plenty of adults will be around to supervise and roast some of the seeds for snacking on later.

Halloween Crafting Party

Invite a group of your crafty friends over and ask them to bring a quick, easy Halloween or fall-themed craft, including printed instructions and supplies. This might be ideal for a smaller group – 3 or 4 people. Alternatively, choose one craft and ask everyone to bring the proper supplies or have each guest bring a craft of their own to work on. Serve fall-themed refreshments such as apple cider, sweet potato bites, and caramel apple brie.


Food and football seem to take center stage on Thanksgiving. Sometimes, the main course can take longer than expected. If that’s the case, pack your Thanksgiving party with some of these fun activities to pass the time.

Craft an Extensive Family Tree

Take advantage of having your whole family together and use the time to create a comprehensive family tree to commemorate the bonds that tie you all together. Grab a large poster board, a ruler (for straight lines), and a tree stencil (unless you have an artist in the family!). Consider using everyone’s fingerprints as the leaves, making it even more personal.

Trivia Night

Create trivia questions using old Trivial Pursuit board games or go online to find some. Break into teams of 2 or 3 and award a prize for the most correct answers!

Candy Corn Ring Toss

Spray paint mini orange emergency cones to look like candy corn and use glow necklaces for a festive game of ring toss!

Celebrate Fall with Parties To Go

Fall is in full swing and it’s time to celebrate! Parties To Go is packed with fabulous fall party ideas and all the trimmings you need to throw a fall bash. Browse our decor online or give us a call today to get your next party started!