When you’re planning your fall wedding, it’s only natural to consider invoking fall wedding colors in your linens, flowers, altars, and centerpieces. Fall colors aren’t limited to those you see in the changing leaves (although admittedly, reds, oranges, and yellows are gorgeous). Neutrals, earth tones, and even jewel tones can create a uniquely fall vibe, which will have you and your guests in awe. Here’s a look at trendy, statement-making fall wedding colors to highlight your big day.

Unique Fall Wedding Color: Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue is particularly eye-catching when paired with wooden accents, such as barrel tables, to hold gifts, or appetizers, or wood rounds as the foundation of your centerpieces. If you’re aiming for that rustic, fall feeling, choose wood coupled with cornflower blue linens to create a cozy, seasonal look.

Versatile Fall Wedding Color: Terracotta

Terracotta, which mixes orange, red, and pink to create a uniquely warm, and quintessentially fall feeling. It pairs perfectly with other, more traditional fall colors, such as marigold or tan. An inherently warm color, terracotta table coverings, and matching cloth napkins can create a homey, cozy feeling.

Sophisticated Fall Wedding Color: Navy

Navy blue is the perfect backdrop to other sophisticated fall wedding colors, such as cream. When navy tablecloths are topped with sparkling hurricane glass centerpieces, or peppered with an array of votive candle holders, the effect is both seasonal and sophisticated.

Earthy Fall Wedding Color: Sage Green

Pairing this subtle, soft shade of green with creams, whites, and tans makes for an understated, earthy aesthetic. Sage green is also perfectly complemented by wood décor.

Bold Fall Wedding Color: Burgundy

Pops of bold burgundy, whether adorning an altar, arch, or gazebo or included in the bridal party’s bouquets, creates an eye-catching look that will have your guests gushing.

Playful Fall Wedding Color: Peach

Somewhere between orange and pink, we find peach, which is a perfectly playful hue for a fall wedding. Topping tables with peach candles or linens create a warm, autumnal feeling. Particularly if you pair it with cream or contrast it with a rich navy blue!

Timeless Fall Wedding Color: Black

Black isn’t just for formal affairs. Although, there’s no denying that sleek black chair covers bring a wedding reception from casual to classy. Black also pairs well with other fall favorites, such as golds, or cranberry shades.

Fall Wedding Colors and More from Parties To Go

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