Looking to show college students, military recruits, or relocating loved ones how proud you are and how much they will be missed? A send-off party can be the perfect way to show just how much you care. Here are some farewell party ideas to bid your loved one a fond goodbye, until you meet again.

Choose Your Party Theme and Venue

To make your party one for the ages, you’ll need to set the right tone. Take into consideration your loved one’s preferences and passions, so you choose the right venue and the right theme for the event. Is your nature-loving friend setting off to serve underserved nations? Consider an outdoor venue, with a rented tent in case of bad weather. Does your incoming college freshman have a competitive streak? If so, renting games that guests can play may be the way to go.

Consider a Destination Theme

Since your loved one is moving to a new place, why not celebrate by making their new destination the theme of the party? For example, if your graduate is heading off to college, consider using their new school’s colors as your color scheme for décor, props, and table settings. Or, if your family member is taking a job on the East Coast, plan your menu to include traditional New England dishes. For military service members being deployed, consider a theme celebrating the music, food, and customs of their new temporary home abroad.

Pick the Perfect Party Location

Location, location, location applies when selecting the venue for your send-off party. To ensure the party is a success, you’ll need to confirm that the venue is the right fit for the celebration. Whether you decide to host in your home, in the backyard, at a friend’s home, or in a rented venue, you’ll want to ensure the venue is:

 Easily accessible for any guests coming from out of town.
 Appropriate for the weather.
 Equipped to support your audio/visual and lighting goals.
 Large enough to accommodate décor, food, seating, etc.
 The right kind of atmosphere for the party’s tone (e.g., hotel ballroom vs. garden event).

Farewell Party Ideas for Children and Virtual Guests

In addition to guests who will be in attendance at your party, it’s important to include those who may not be able to be there in person. For guests who are unable to attend, include them in the fun, virtually. Thanks to Zoom, FaceTime, and other streaming services, everyone who wants to attend the party can be there. Consider dedicating a specific time during the party when the guest of honor can spend time with virtual guests.

Likewise, if any children will be attending the party, be sure to have a few kid-friendly activities available. This is particularly important for young children who may not understand why you’re saying goodbye to a loved one, and/or kids who are easily bored. Consider offering a selection of games, coloring books, balloons, or even a pinata, so the littlest attendees enjoy themselves too.

Unique Gifts to Offer at a Send-Off Party

It may not be particularly useful for your loved one who is leaving to acquire a lot of new possessions. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve gifts. You can use the send-off party to shower your loved one who is leaving with gifts that won’t take up any space at all.

 Fundraise for them College students who need a little financial help, or those moving in service to others, may get the help they need with donations from guests by way of fun rentable money-blowing machines.
 Help them pack Schedule an after-party dedicated to helping your loved one pack, separate, and donate items they no longer need, and otherwise get organized.
 Make a photo album Use the send-off party as a photoshoot! Take photos of the guest of honor with individual guests, while playing games, enjoying a toast, or dancing. Then, create a personalized photo album to mail to their new destination.

Get Help Planning a Send-Off Party

If you’re eager to show a loved one how much they will be missed but don’t have time to plan a perfect send-off, don’t panic. At Parties To Go, we not only offer full-serve special event rentals; we have in-house consultants to help transform your farewell party ideas into an event to remember.

Stop by our showroom in Eugene, or call us today to schedule a consultation with an event planner.