Do you find yourself smiling more as we enter November? For many of us, fall signals the time to gather with our dearest friends. Friends that are just as important as blood family members. Keep reading for some of our best ideas on how to host a Friendsgiving party at your home.

Make it meaningful

Perhaps the surest advice that we can give you on how to host a Friendsgiving party is to focus on spending significant time with friends. It’s easy to become so overwhelmed with the idea that your party needs to be perfect that you forget to have fun. No matter what, a Friendsgiving party is a chance to celebrate with people who truly matter in your life.

That said, all of us at Parties to Go love to throw parties, and we’ve accumulated quite a few Friendsgiving ideas over the years. We encourage you to look over our suggestions and then craft them to fit your party.

How to host in four steps

Hosting a Friendsgiving differs from many other types of parties in that the guest list is often confined to close friends. Although it’s a more intimate celebration, a successful Friendsgiving does require some planning. We’ve broken down the central planning into four steps- basics, theme, food/drinks, and rentals.

#1- Figure out the basics

The first step in hosting your Friendship party is to do some essential planning. Pull out your calendar and choose a date. Make sure to invite your friends as soon as you know the day and time of your party.

We also suggest that you decide on a budget as quickly as possible. Be honest with yourself about how much money you are comfortable spending on the party. Always remember that the intangibles that make an event memorable are the result of spending time with the people who you love rather than how much money you spend.

Once you have the basics out of the way, it’s time to dive deep into the details of your party plan.

#2- Choose a theme

Generally, one of the primary steps in planning a party is choosing a celebratory theme. Picking a party theme early on gives you a way to focus the rest of the planning. For example, a fancy dinner party theme can be a wonderful excuse to dress up. A theme also helps to guide your choices in such things as decorations, dress, and food.

There isn’t a right or wrong theme. Examples of favorite ideas are those that focus on things like desserts, music, Oregon Ducks football, or a potluck of favorite foods. The key to a meaningful theme is to choose something that speaks to your heart and sparks your creative spirit.

Parties To Go has an extensive selection of decorations and party favors that fit a wide variety of Friendsgiving ideas. Visit us for all of your decorating and party favor needs.

#3- Plan the menu

When our clients ask us how to host an event, we typically ask about food. Unless you decide on a potluck, you’ll need to plan your menu. In the spirit of the season, concentrate on serving a delicious meal that makes your friends feel welcomed and appreciated at your table.

Check out these articles from the Food Network and Sunset Magazine for some yummy menu ideas.

Tablespoon has terrific suggestions for seasonal drinks that are sure to bring a festive spirit to your Friendsgiving. Consider organizing your Friendsgiving drinks with a stowaway bar rental from Parties To Go.

#4- Rentals

Do you have all the furniture and supplies needed to host your friends? If not, we recommend that you think about renting what you need from a party supply store like Parties To Go. Renting from a one-stop party store is a convenient and affordable way to get what you need to host your party.

Examples of the types of things that you can rent at a party store include

  • Tables and chairs
  • China
  • Flatware
  • Glassware
  • Tents
  • Bar equipment
  • Catering equipment

You’ll often find that renting necessary furniture and supplies for your party is more cost-effective than buying and simpler to coordinate than trying to borrow from friends.

Last thoughts

Lastly, when you are deep into planning a Friendsgiving, it’s too easy to become overwhelmed with the details. Instead of letting any stressful party planning take the joy out of your party, remember that the best Friendsgiving ideas allow you to comfortably share this season with people you love.

We love to help our clients manage all of the details that make a celebration unique and well-remembered. Contact us at Parties To Go for help in planning your next party in Eugene, OR.