As your local experts in everything fun and festive, we will be the first to tell you that Halloween is the time to go BIG. We’re talking the creepiest decorations, the best Halloween games, and of course, all of the spooky treats you can think of. We know putting together an epic Halloween celebration can be a lot of work, so our goal is to help you out with some of our must-dos for all Halloween parties, and a few Halloween party ideas we just think are super fun.

On the days leading up to your big party, be sure to cross these off your list:

Prepare Spooky Food & Drinks

There are some amazing Halloween recipes out there; Pinterest is our favorite source. After your theme is selected, you can find plenty of deliciously creepy recipes that will delight your guests. Whether you are looking for friendly little ghost cookies for a kids’ Halloween party, or creepy eyeball appetizers for adults, you are sure to find an easy-to-follow recipe online (check these out). We suggest cooking up all your treats the night before your party to ensure that you have plenty of time for decorating the day of.

Purchase Creepy Party Supplies That Fit Your Theme

The best way to create a party that none of your guests will forget is to pick a unique theme. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Spider Theme – Decorate with spiderwebs and creepy critters.
  • Jack o’ Lantern Theme – Of course, pumpkin decorations, and the main attraction: everyone carves their own pumpkin!
  • Crime Scene – Perhaps the creepiest theme of all! Decorate with gruesome items to scare and thrill your guests.
  • Witches Coven – Find wickedly wonderful party supplies and supply all your guests with witch hats.

…and these are just a few ideas! Stop by our Party Store and get inspired by the endless themes available for your spooky celebration.

Play Haunted Sounds Throughout the Night

This is a delightfully creepy idea that only some of your guests will catch. Hide a stereo beneath a table or behind a couch (anywhere that won’t be seen) and play creepy sounds on repeat throughout the duration of your party. Scary soundtracks can be found online or at your local Halloween store. It’s a sneaky way to creep out your guests and it adds to the ambiance of your Halloween party.

Put Together Party Favor Bags (Even for Adults!)

Halloween is a chance for everyone to bring out their inner kid, and what better way to do this than to provide all of your guests with a special goodie bag to take home from your party? For children, we recommend the Halloween party classics: festive pencils, stickers, silly toys, and candy. For adults, spice it up with lottery tickets, nail polish, gift cards, and candy, too (because hey – we still like candy).

Dress Up to Complete Your Theme

It’s Halloween, after all! If you are throwing a ghost-themed celebration, it’s only fitting that you are also dressed up as a spooky, dead host. Play the part by being the ultimate creepy addition to your Halloween party. Head to your local costume store and select the best costume you can find – or better yet, put something together yourself. Need the perfect do for your costume? Check out our Party Store for hats, wigs, and other accessories.

We love Halloween – and we’re full of plenty of other Halloween party ideas. Stop by our store and let us help you create the BEST party of all time.