‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Whether this is your first holiday bash or your annual soiree, use these holiday party ideas to unleash your creative energy and throw an unforgettable event.


Even if you’re hosting a virtual party, having a theme can put everyone in the mood. Consider hosting a pajama party and ask everyone to show up in their favorite holiday sleepwear. If guests are headed to your house, set up a cozy atmosphere of super-soft fuzzy blankets, floor pillows, and plenty of fort-making supplies. Or, ask your guests to dress up as their favorite author, celebrity, or holiday movie character and decorate accordingly.

Food and Drink

Think simple and delicious. Consider assigning each of your guests to bring a specific type of dish or snack. You can also ask them to bring their favorite drink so you can spend more time catching up and less time in the kitchen. Consider setting up a bar cart with the essentials (cups, ice, mixers) and an ice chest so that guests can serve themselves. Warm everyone up with a hot chocolate bar and serve marshmallows and mini candy canes for added flavor and fun. Be sure to place trash bins in conspicuous locations for easy cleanup.

Games and Activities

When it comes to holiday party ideas, you can’t go wrong with games-especially when hosting virtual parties. Some of the classic party games can be slightly modified to the virtual world.
Virtual Talent Show: This is a great way to build relationships and connections. Let participants show off their new juggling talent or dust off a musical instrument. Raise the stakes by assigning someone to keep score and have guests hold up a scorecard at the end of each act. The participant with the most points wins!
Holiday Party Charades: This classic ice-breaker works for small gatherings and virtual parties and is sure to get everyone laughing. All you need to play charades is a timer and a scorekeeper. Divide your group into teams. Then, use this random word generator and choose a team to play first. The drawer generates a word and has one minute to act out that word for their team. If the team guesses the word correctly, they get a point. If you’re using Zoom, consider having the actor use the “spotlight” feature.
Pictionary: Use whiteboards or chalkboards with colorful dry erase markers or chalk to turn this classic living room game into virtual entertainment. Divide your group into teams and have the designated drawers use this Pictionary word generator to generate random words. For more instructions, use this step-by-step Pictionary guide.
Online Karaoke: Lastly, you can rent a complete karaoke system for your in-person party. Alternatively, consider an online karaoke service if you’re hosting a virtual karaoke party.

Holiday Party Ideas from Parties To Go

Every party needs supplies. This includes plates and serving dishes, balloons and banners, and themed decor. Parties To Go can help you decorate your home for any holiday party and help with equipment rentals. Come by our store for more holiday party ideas or chat with a consultant if you have any questions. We’re here to help.