A fall birthday bash may seem hard to plan. But just because the weather changes doesn’t mean the quality of your party should change; lean into all the beautiful fall colors. Food and drink, decorations, and entertainment are essential parts of a party that your guests will remember. And Parties To Go has all the party supplies and event rental options to celebrate a memorable birthday, and a dedicated team to give you all the recommendations you need. Here are some fun ideas for an unforgettable fall birthday bash.

Food & Drink

Some foods scream fall. If you’re doing appetizers only, we recommend going with roasted brussels sprouts, beer cheese soup with bacon, or sweet potato bites. Appetizers are a great way to get your birthday bash guests socializing and satiated

If the menu includes a main course, there are options galore! Foods like: pumpkin ravioli, chili, spinach-artichoke calzones, and oven-roasted three-cheese pizza are a hit! There is no wrong answer when it comes to fall foods. If you’re searching for suitable options, many online sites offer recipes!

For dessert, ditch the classic cake and go complete fall! Going with a fall dessert option will leave your guests dazzled. A pumpkin loaf with frosting is the obvious choice, but there are other options just as good. Desserts like cinnamon rolls and caramel apple pies. Dessert is where going all out should be a goal!

You thought of a pumpkin spice latte, didn’t you? While it’s not a bad idea, it may be easier to go with apple cider, cocoa, or sparkling cider. Plan your drinks accordingly if you’re throwing an early or late celebration. Stiff drinks also bring the fall cheer out. Try serving a hot toddy. It’s a classic cocktail that is easy on the stomach and the tastebuds. Variations of Spanish Coffee also hit the spot.

These recommendations come down to how you want to entertain your guests. Ultimately there is no wrong answer on food and beverages.


Decorations may be the easiest part of the whole birthday party setup. Picking fall-themed decorations from Parties To Go keeps it simple to choose from, but diverse enough to be memorable. 

The best place to start is by selecting supplies with fall colors or with pumpkins and changing leaves for your plates, cups, and napkins. We recommend using disposable options to keep clean-up uncomplicated. From there, pick out the tablecloths and centerpieces – Whether you go for a tablecloth with iconography or classic orange, either will give off a fall vibe. Finally, tie the table together with a centerpiece. Centerpieces can range from flower arrangements to little fall-related cutouts. We love seeing options like straw scarecrows, little pumpkins, cutouts of signs, and pinecones.

Fall Ideas From Parties To Go 

A fall birthday bash isn’t something you should be scared to do. It’s possible to create a welcoming environment that wards off the cold. Parties To Go is lane county’s best option for what you need, from the chairs and tables to the decorations. Call us and start gearing up for the fall birthday bash of the year!