The pros know that when it comes to photos, lighting is everything. Lighting is also integral in creating your desired ambiance at an event. To that end, you’ll want to ensure the lighting at your wedding matches your design style. Here are tips for achieving the perfect wedding lighting.

Wedding Lighting Styles

When selecting the perfect lighting for your wedding, you should ensure the lighting matches the style of your wedding. Some of the most common wedding styles include:

  • Classic/Traditional
  • Rustic/Earthy
  • Romantic
  • Bold/Edgy/Alternative
Lighting for Classic Wedding Style

If you’re planning a traditional, timeless wedding style, consider the existing lighting in your venue first. If your space already has chandeliers or wall sconces, you may only need a few LED wedding lights to draw specific attention to the bride and groom’s table or the cake table. For spaces without light fixtures, rent gold or clear crystal chandeliers to create the classic, timeless setting you want.

If your venue has both indoor and outdoor space, consider classic three-light lamp posts for your outdoor patio, balcony, or deck.

Wedding Lights for Rustic/Earthy/Outdoor Theme

If you’re like countless other Oregonians, who live for our incredible outdoors, you may embrace a rustic, earthy, or outdoorsy theme. If your earthy wedding is taking place in a barn, plan to rent strings of bistro lights. Bistro lights hung around the perimeter provide delicate, thoughtful lighting that won’t detract from the venue.

For outdoor weddings, air-star lights are perfect, thanks to 360-degree diffused, glare-free lighting (that happens to look like the moon). Likewise, globe strand lights are ideal for wedding lighting along the eaves of a tent.

Lighting for Romantic Weddings

If you’re aiming for an ethereal, romantic ambiance for your big day, you’ll want to focus on hanging lights and table lights. Bistro and softly lit LED wedding lights create a soft, whimsical setting.

Lighting for Bold, Playful, or Quirky Wedding Themes

If your goal for your event is unbridled fun, opt for lights that create a playful vibe. A rented disco ball or LED lights in various colors create a colorful, carefree environment ideal for your guests to let their hair down. You may consider adding a three-in-one fusion FX bar, which can light up your dancefloor in lasers, colors, or a strobe light.

Lighting Your Wedding Tables

When planning your lighting, don’t forget to think about lighting for your tables. Votive candles provide soft lighting for classic themed weddings. For rustic weddings, consider placing your candles on wood-round centerpieces. Hurricane shades and candelabras reinforce romantic aesthetics. Glass containers filled with water and floating candles work well for playful themes.

Get Help Designing Lighting for Your Wedding

If you need help designing the perfect wedding lighting for your special day, visit our design consultants at Parties To Go. With years of event planning experience, our team has not only the design expertise but the rentals you need to help you bring your wedding day dreams to life. Call 541-485-5587 to schedule a consultation, or send us a message online.