College football season is here, and that means it’s time to plan your tailgate party. Treating your friends to a pre-game party in the parking lot of Autzen Stadium takes planning. Let’s get ready to host some exciting Oregon Ducks tailgaters!

Ducks football will face some formidable foes at home this season. With opponents like Washington State, Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon State to take on at Autzen, the team needs all the fan support that the Ducks nation can muster. There isn’t a better way to rev up the excitement level than a terrific tailgate party. Read on to let us help you throw one.

Tailgate basics

Pre-game parking lot parties are a cherished part of college football. It’s where friends come together to eat, drink, and cheer on their favorite team. Successful tailgate parties come from attention to detail. And of course the spirit of overwhelming devotion to the Oregon Ducks.

The University of Oregon promotes a family-friendly environment at its games and limits individual tailgating to small groups of friends and family. As part of this philosophy, you must keep your party confined to the area of a car or RV parking space. So, plan for a small gathering of hyped-up sports fans.

Read here for complete parking and stadium information.

Tips for an awesome tailgate party

Now that you know about the logistics of your party, let’s dive into those things that will make your tailgating fest memorable.

#1- Food & Drinks-

Let’s face it; people will rave about your party if you feed them well with a bounty of time tested gameday favorites. Having plenty of munchies is vital to building the energy necessary to make it through the game, and you can safely go big with food when tailgating.

Variety is essential when it comes to drinks. Stock your cooler with a selection of single-serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It’s also a thoughtful idea to serve things like hot coffee and cocoa on cold days.

Parties To Go has just the right football-themed plates, cups, and napkins to bring a smile to the face of any Ducks fan. Pair them up with color-coordinated utensils.

#2- Chairs & Canopies-

Nothing says “welcome” quite as nicely as having a few extra chairs on hand for empty-handed tailgaters. You can demonstrate true college spirit by purchasing cool folding chairs and a festive canopy at the Oregon Ducks online store. Another more affordable option is to rent a few Samsonite chairs from Parties To Go and dress them up with some green and yellow ribbons.

Make your guests feel even more comfortable by providing a selection of cozy blankets. You can stick to team colors or mix in some of the beautiful seasonal colors that make fall so glorious.

#3- Entertainment-

Sure, debating the relative strengths of our team’s offensive line versus the opponent’s defense will keep everyone busy. Still, why not have fun planning how to make sure that everyone at your tailgate party has an excellent time? Consider some of the following.

● Use your tablet to screen the pre-game show.

● Piece together a playlist of your favorite tunes. If you need a little help deciding, listen to Spotify’s ESPN College Football Playlist, and Spotify’s Ultimate Tailgate Party Playlist. Be creative and be sure to mix in songs that you remember from your days as a student.

● Invest in games that involve guests of all ages. Remember that a lot is going on in the parking lot before the game, so it’s less stressful to plan simple games. Country Living has excellent advice on the types of games that will keep everyone laughing and included.

Remember to go local and choose Parties To Go’s supply of Oregon Ducks themed tailgate products.

University of Oregon officials recently implemented new rules regarding the type and number of bags that fans can carry into Autzen Stadium. People are now limited to one clear plastic container instead of the backpacks and totes that used to enter the stands. Women may also carry a small clutch along with the plastic container. You can help equip your guests for the game by handing out clear plastic tote bags before they line-up at the entrance gate.

Lastly, the arrival of another season of college football tends to make people want to cheer on their home team with the people they love. You can design a tailgate party that will make all of the tailgaters in your life happy with a little bit of planning. Contact us at Parties To Go for help in getting ready for game day.