The holidays are decidedly over, and we are right in the thick of winter, already dreaming of sunshine and BBQ’s. Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean we need to go into hiding until spring. There are many fantastic indoor party opportunities, and we’ve got some fabulous winter party ideas to beat the seasonal blues.

Grammy Night

January 26th is just begging to be your next party. Fancy dresses, awkward speeches, and lots of music signal the night of the Grammys and an ideal opportunity to party. And what is the perfect addition to a music-themed party? Why, karaoke, of course! Rent a karaoke machine and give your guests a shot at singing this year’s songs up for awards. Hand out awards of your own for best singer, most off-pitch, rhythmless rapper, or whatever else you think is entertaining. Rent a portable bar and serve great drinks. You can pull off a winning night without having to purchase a bunch of items that you won’t likely use again.

Superbowl Sunday

February is coming in hot, and that means one massive event is about to go down. The Superbowl. You could quickly grab some chips and dip and have a few friends over. OR you could go big. Start with a projector and a large screen so that you can see the game (or the commercials if you’re not a football fan) on your wall. Consider football-themed plates, napkins, and cups, which will save you a ton of dish washing when the party is over.

Casino Royale

Think black tie. Gambling. Drinks: shaken, not stirred. You have all the makings of a sophisticated party theme when you tap into the cool vibe of James Bond. Did you know you can rent game tables? Roulette, Bingo, Blackjack and poker tables can all be a part of your casino party and then easily returned. Martini glasses, fine linens, appetizers, and games. You’ll be the coolest cat in town when you host this shindig.


A taco party is always a good idea. You simply can’t have the winter blues when you’re eating a taco. To counteract the gloomy weather, decorate with lots of colors and offer as many toppings as you can fit on your buffet table. Offer two or three types of meat, corn and flour tortillas, and delicious guacamole. Oh, and don’t forget the margaritas. When you have a crowd of taco lovers, you’ll need a lot of yummy margaritas. Consider renting a slushy margarita machine to add an extra element of fun. You can serve two different flavors (or one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic if there will be kiddos at your party).

A Decade Celebration

Who says you need to wait until Halloween to play dress-up? Choose your favorite decade (the 20’s is a great choice this year!) and get decked out for the night. Start by looking at your local vintage store for the perfect outfit. Then, rent tablecloths, linens, fancy glasses, a champagne fountain, and shiny stainless trays for your hors d ‘oeuvres. Voila! You have an instantly classy roaring twenties soiree that you’ll think back fondly on for months.

Choosing from Our Winter Party Ideas

Pull out the calendar, write down your guest list, and contact us when you’ve chosen from our winter party ideas. We have everything you need to throw a memorable bash and beat those winter blues!