If you are hosting a holiday get-together this year, take it to the next level by planning a karaoke party! Everyone has a song in their heart, but not everyone feels comfortable singing in a bar full of strangers. So, a holiday gathering of close friends and family can be the perfect environment for discovering who has a streak of Katy Perry in them or an inner Johnny Cash just waiting to emerge! It’s a great way to add an extra level of fun and closeness.

The Perfect Gear for a Karaoke Party

For starters, you’ll need a karaoke machine or a karaoke app on your smartphone or smart TV. If this isn’t the time for you to invest in purchasing a karaoke machine, consider renting a karaoke system. Or, if you have a large smart TV, then you’re all set once you download the right app.

Using KaraFun and YouTube

Consider using KaraFun. It’s an affordable service with access to tens of thousands of songs. It also allows you to sync your favorite songs offline and to keep the fun going if your internet service is spotty. Or, just head to YouTube where you can access tens of thousands of free karaoke videos. If YouTube doesn’t have your favorite blasts from the past, check out Youka; it is a free app that converts music videos into their karaoke sing-along versions.

Choosing a Karaoke Mic

Karaoke isn’t karaoke without a microphone. There are many affordable options. Just be sure it’s a microphone that is high output. This will allow you to plug directly into a speaker without any additional hardware. You might consider having a backup microphone on hand if couples or BFFs request a duet or if one of the microphones malfunctions.

Set the Stage with a Speaker, Projector, and Lighting Effects

For the best sound at your party, choose a speaker size that fits the size of the room. Make sure to check its available inputs to ensure your microphone won’t require an adaptor.

When it comes to seeing the lyrics, use a projector to blow up the words as big as you can. This will allow everyone to sing along more easily. If you’re hosting a backyard karaoke party, you can also project the words onto the side of your house.

Lastly, don’t forget the stage effects. If you have space, consider a disco ball, colorful light displays that sync to your karaoke machine or microphone stands for a genuine concert experience.

Tips for the Karaoke Party Host(s)

If you’re hosting the karaoke party, you’ll want to plan ahead to make sure the big day goes smoothly. Follow along for some more tips to ensure that everyone has an awesome time at your event.

1. Pick a DJ and Create a Playlist

As the host, you have enough on your to-do list. Pick someone to be the karaoke DJ who will enjoy picking everyone’s songs. Alternatively, you can write down songs on some paper and ask your guests to choose their mystery karaoke song out of a hat. Another o¬¬ption to consider is preparing a playlist in advance and including some of your guests’ favorite songs. If you aren’t sure of their favorites, ask them directly, or weave it into your next conversation. You can refer to this list of best karaoke songs of all time for some playlist ideas.

Host a Virtual Karaoke Party

If you want to include family and friends who live too far to travel or are sheltering in place during the pandemic, consider hosting a virtual karaoke party with Zoom. You’ll need to download Zoom onto your desktop/laptop, and all of your participants will need a decent internet connection for best results. Consider an online karaoke player service such as Lucky Voice (they offer a 14-day free trial). Or, if you are using YouTube karaoke videos, consider Watch2Gether, a platform that allows people to stream karaoke videos at the same rate at the same time. Additionally, you can find many helpful articles online for coordinating a karaoke party over Zoom.

Sound Check, One-Two

Don’t forget to practice before the big day to work out the bugs. Do a sound check and test all your equipment the week before and once again the day of the event.

Get the Ball Rolling

This is your party, so it will most likely fall on you to get the party started. Be prepared with a few personal – and fun – favorites.

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