If you’ve been to our Party Store, or attended any party recently, there’s a good chance that these letter balloons caught your eye. They are adorable mylar balloons that can be used to create unique decorations for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings to baby showers and beyond. They are perfect for every event and we might be a little obsessed with them…

Our Top 5 Ideas for Decorating with Letter Balloons:

letter balloon idea guide your guests

If you walk into a party and make a B-line for the food (guilty), you’ll appreciate this one. Use these balloons to spell out anything you want your guests to notice. “Cake” is certainly an attention-grabber, but you can also use this technique to point your guests towards your photo-booth, gift table, dance floor, etc. (Source: Emily Holt)

letter balloon idea celebrate the age

These balloons are must-haves for birthdays. Whether the birthday boy or girl is turning 1, 21, or 100 – these balloons will make him or her smile. They can be given as a gift or used to decorate. (Source: Bubby & Bean)

letter balloon idea oh baby

Using letter balloons for baby showers and gender reveals is one of our favorite things to do. The bubbly, fun look of these balloons is perfect for this type of heart-warming event, not to mention – it makes an adorable back-drop for photos! (Source: Kara’s Party Ideas)

letter balloon idea make your photos stand out

If you love capturing special moments like we do, or maybe you’re a photographer that does it for a living, you should definitely utilize letter balloons! They serve as a beautiful prop for wedding, engagement/baby announcement, or graduation photos. Couples can get them in their initials, graduates can get their class year, etc. The options are endless. (Source: Grey Likes Weddings)

letter balloon idea say it loud

Skip the boring banner and make a statement! The best way to say “Happy Birthday!” or “Cheers!” is with our letter balloons. They can also be used to spell out “Bride” for a Bachelorette party, “Congrats” for a grad party, chapter names for greek life events, and many, many more ideas. (Source: Sorority Sugar)