Are you searching for an unusual spring and summer birthday party theme? How about a celebration that highlights Eugene’s local harvest? Follow along for farmers’ market party ideas that are sure to make your next party a delicious success.

Choose a Local Harvest Theme

We are so fortunate to live in Lane County. Who doesn’t enjoy visiting one of our terrific farmers’ markets and indulging in locally grown food? Take advantage of our community’s homegrown food and flowers for a natural, life-affirming birthday theme this year.

You won’t need to travel out of the area to find enough tasty treats to satisfy even the pickiest party guests. The Lane County Farmers’ Market, for example, hosts a variety of vendors at it’s super popular Saturday Farmers’ Market. Depending on the month, you can find such yummies as:

  • Herbs
  • Seafood
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Baked Goods
  • Flowers and Plants
  • Dairy Products

Spend some time browsing through your favorite farmers’ market for food and drink ideas. Stroll through the stalls and imagine how you could incorporate the tastes, beauty, and aromas that you find there into a magical birthday party. Keep in mind that it’s your party, so whatever you choose to do should be authentic to your spirit of fun.

7 Local Harvest Party Decorating Ideas

One of the outstanding things about trying out a local harvest birthday party theme is that you get to shop at the farmers’ market. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your purchases help out local growers. By supporting the local vendors, you’re helping to ensure that Eugene’s farmers’ markets continue to thrive.

Another fantastic reason to find room for things like berries and roses at your birthday is that this theme doesn’t require you to have the skills of a professional party planner. Instead, when you choose those things that you love at the market, you can be confident that your party will delight your guests.

Here are seven no-stress ways to bring a local harvest to your birthday party.

Number 1- Forgo Fancy for Friendly

There’s no denying that a farmers’ market theme lends itself to a farm-friendly feeling. Keep your fancy china and heirloom table linens in storage. Aim for a relaxing ambiance that puts the spotlight on the best seasonal foods, drinks, and flowers.

Number 2- Festive Food Tables

Can you imagine a farmers’ market themed table without a red and white gingham tablecloth? You can find these perennial picnic tablecloths both online and at neighborhood stores during the spring and summer months. Check out our enormous selection of themed table linens and supplies here.

Number 3- Baskets and More

Think about the things you see when you visit your local market. Be creative with elements such as baskets, tin buckets, and wooden crates. From using the tin buckets as ice holders to filling small baskets with a fresh fruit salad, these farm elements will make your theme come to life.

Number 4- Abundant Bouquets

Who can resist taking home a gorgeous bouquet from a farmers’ market? There is something so wonderfully happy about decorating with freshly picked flowers. Don’t hesitate to go crazy with flowers at your party. Consider placing a blossom or two in a canning jar at each table.

Number 5- Picnic Blankets

Don’t forget to spread a few comfy picnic blankets on the ground. It’s also a nice idea to add a selection of outdoor pillows to your blanket areas. Trust us: guests of all ages will adore lounging and laughing on the ground.

Number 6- Freshly Baked Dessert Table

Delight your guests with a table dedicated to the joys of freshly baked desserts. Cover the table with tempting pies, cookies, and other baked treats. Make a delicious strawberry shortcake birthday cake. Read this Good Housekeeping article for other berry shortcake ideas and recipes.

Number 7- Pick-Ur-Own Gift Bag

A fun gift bag is a perfect way to thank your guests. Instead of handing out premade bags, consider giving each guest an empty cloth bag. They can then fill up their bag with a selection of fruit and vegetables to take home. You can be sure that the happy vibes that began at your party will carry on with the people you love for days to come.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, a farmers’ market themed birthday party is a lovely way to honor the rich agricultural culture found in the area around Eugene, Oregon. With the variety of farmer’s markets and farm stands in our area, you’ll have a terrific assortment of food, drinks, and seasonal flowers for your party. Embrace the amazing bounty of the local harvest for a down-to-earth party theme that will delight all your guests.

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