Many people are feeling impacted by the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, but that doesn’t mean those spring birthdays and other events can’t still be celebrated! Celebrations right now might look a little different than they usually do. However, throwing a party for your kids or loved ones is still a possibility! Read on for fun online party ideas while you are social distancing.

Parties To Go Can Help You Celebrate!

During this time, Parties to Go is open, but no one can come into the store. We will shop for you and bring it out to you and everything will be completely sanitized! Just call us and we will help you create the perfect celebration. You can place orders over the phone and we will bring it out to your car when you arrive for easy, contactless pickup.

Family Photoshoots with a Photo Backdrop Wall

The first of our online party ideas is a photo backdrop wall! If you can’t leave the house as a family, try setting up a fun photo backdrop wall. These are extremely popular all over Pinterest. Check out this board for ideas!

Take advantage of our full selection of fringe curtains, photo props, wacky sunglasses, and other fun photo supplies! This will allow for a fun bonding experience for the whole family. Plus, the photos will be a great memory to look back on!

Make Goodie Bags & Door Drop

One of our favorite things about parties is the goodie bags! Although we can’t gather for parties right now, a wonderful way to still make birthdays (or any celebration!) special is to put together goodie bags for all of your friends (or kid’s friends) and deliver them on their doorsteps.

For kids, we have a great selection of noisemakers, party favors, bead necklaces, and more! Just give us a call for our current selection. For extra fun, have your kids join a Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype party to share their goodies with each other. This gives them a chance to see each other and play, while still maintaining distance!

For adult friends, mini bottles of champagne treats, and other little gifts are a perfect option. We have many party favors that cater to adults as well. Call us today to find out what we have in stock!

Don’t Forget Dessert

Consider bringing a delicious birthday dessert to drop off with your goodie bags! Baking a wonderful dessert can help them feel a part of celebration during these difficult times.

Check out this list of 30 birthday dessert recipes30 birthday dessert recipes for inspiration! If you don’t feel like baking, consider supporting a local bakery. Many local bakeries are offering take-out or delivery desserts and pastries, which would be a wonderful surprise for that special person in your life. All while supporting your favorite local businesses!

The Eugene Weekly has compiled a list of all of the local restaurants and bakeries here.

Pick Up a Balloon Bouquet

One of our favorite ways to celebrate is balloons! This is one of the easiest and most fun party ideas. Plus, balloons don’t have to just be for kids! Balloons are a fun gift for any age and add a pop of color and fun to any celebration. Whether you’re celebrating in your own home or want to drop a gift off for a loved one’s birthday, we are here to help!

Call us to order a balloon bouquet and leave the rest to us. We can take payment over the phone, arrange your balloon bouquet, and bring it out to your car when you arrive! It couldn’t be easier. Check out our Pinterest for balloon inspiration here.

Dress Up Party or Fashion Show Online

For the young or the young at heart, a dress-up party is always fun! Although we can’t get together in person, taking dress up online is the perfect opportunity for fun! For the kids, put together a few outfits and have them strut their stuff! You could even make a photo wall backdrop to add some fun. Need supplies? We have plenty of boas, sunglasses, wigs, and more in our party store! Just give us a call and we can tell you what we have to offer.

Final Thoughts

Although times are tough, we should still find ways to have fun while social distancing. Birthdays and holidays are still happening, so why not make the most of it? Try one of these fun online party ideas and let us know how it turns out! And make sure to contact us today for any help with one of your at-home festivities.