Planning a party this summer? Take it outside! Take advantage of the nice summer weather and plan for outdoor activities at your next summertime party. Encourage your guests to get on their feet and participate or cheer on their friends and family with these classic outdoor party games. These games are sure to entertain everyone at your next gathering and are perfect for making lasting memories.


Simple in format, croquet is by far one of the most popular lawn games. Croquet can be played by two, four, or six players. The objective of the game is to hit your ball(s) with a mallet through a set of hoops placed in the proper sequence in each direction and finish by striking each ball against the center peg. There are four colors of balls – blue, red, black, and yellow – and each player or team plays only their own ball(s) throughout the game. The person, or team, that completes the course first with both of their balls wins. There are many variations of this game, but don’t let that stop you – rules of play, mallet grips, and strokes to use for hitting the ball accurately can be found online. Croquet sets are available for purchase at major retailers or online, or you may be able to rent a set at a local party store.


Bocce is one of the most loved summer outdoor party games and is a classic for all ages to enjoy. The game is played with eight large balls (four of one color or pattern and four of a different color or pattern) and a smaller target ball – that’s it! Each team chooses a ball color or pattern to play with. Players are separated into two teams, with each team having one, two, or four players. The objective of the game is for your balls to land closer to the target ball than your opponents’ balls. The closer the ball, the more points you earn. The individual or team with the most points wins. Basic rules of Bocce can be found online. Bocce sets are available for purchase at major retailers or online.

Keep It Up! Balloon Game

All you need are inflated balloons (any size) and two or more fun people to play this super fun summer game outside. Here’s how to play: gather everyone in a circle and have them hold hands. When everyone is ready, throw a balloon up in the air and, using a stopwatch, see how long you can keep the balloon up. You can play this over and over, trying to beat your best time. Players can use whatever it takes – head, feet, chest, elbows – to keep the balloon in the air. Game stops when the balloon hits the ground.


Equipment needed to play Cornhole includes a cornhole board and eight bean bags – ideally four bags of one color or pattern and four bags in another. The first player (or team) to reach twenty-one points by tossing more bean bags either into the hole or onto the board than their opponent is the winner. The official rules of play can be found here. Cornhole sets are available for purchase at major retailers or online, or you may be able to rent a set at a local party store.


Limbo may be one of the simplest but most fun outdoor party games. Simply find two volunteers to hold a pole, rope, or even spare plastic piping at either end and some willing participants. The contestants then attempt to pass under the pole bending backwards without assistance. Have the volunteers lower the pole after everyone has completed their turns until one winner remains. Encourage those on the sidelines to cheer the competitors on as they try to make it under the pole.


Everyone is familiar with Tic-Tac-Toe – why not try a jumbo, outdoor version of this friendly game that is easy for all ages? Either use white spray paint, sidewalk chalk or lay down some rope to create your own DIY Tic-Tac-Toe board. Cut out 5 X’s and 5 O’s using stencils (or freehand). If you want to make it more challenging, use frisbees or flying discs in two different colors or patterns and have your guests try and land their frisbee in a winning line on the board. Whether you play the traditional version or spice it up by taking it outside or using frisbees, this game is guaranteed to create a lively atmosphere. DIY outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe can easily be created, but you can also find the game for purchase at online retailers or rent it at your local party store.

Outdoor Party Games for Rent at Parties To Go

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