Heading to the movie theater is an experience. The smell of buttered popcorn, the tastes of movie candy and fountain drinks, the sights of huge screens, and the sounds of surround-sound stereo systems. However, during the pandemic, most movie theaters have locked their doors. This left avid movie-goers to their own devices to find an alternative for fun entertainment. A backyard movie night is a great way to bring the theater experience right into your home.


Lights! Camera! Action! Parties To Go has all you need for your outdoor event. We have projectors, screens, and speakers all available for rent. Take movie night to the max and hook up your projector to an Inflatable Widescreen Movie Screen and make movie night an outdoor blast! If you’re looking for something a little more inexpensive, iron a bed sheet or blackout cloth from the fabric store to get it as wrinkle free as possible. Then secure it using twine between supports so the sheet or cloth is kept fairly immobile and under a slight bit of tension. You’ll need a projector with the correct ports to use with your movie player or streaming source.


Serve fun variations of your favorite camping trip desserts such as gooey marshmallow – filled campfire cones or try some new twists of the popular summertime fruit watermelon! Watermelon fries, anyone? Don’t forget the popcorn and movie candy. Parties To Go has you covered with our old fashioned popcorn maker as well as sno kone and soft-serve ice cream machines. Pick up traditional popcorn serving containers from our party store in addition to some decorations that set the mood. Keep beverages cold by filling a (clean) wheelbarrow or kiddie pool full of ice (or try frozen water balloons!) for a fun spin on the cooler. For a smaller crowd, colorful plastic buckets will do the trick.

Creature Comforts

Your trampoline can double as a super-sized couch — just pile on the pillows and blankets. For everyone else, break out your chaise lounges, camp chairs, and hammocks and…relax. If there will be kids in attendance, consider gathering up some decent – sized cardboard boxes and have them decorate their “car” before the” drive-in movie” begins.

Mood Lighting

Once the sun sets, use ambient lighting, such as string lights hung in the trees or tiki torches and luminaries lining the pathways. Ambient lighting won’t distract from the movie or wash out the screen. For an added personal touch, consider decorating your string lights with paper cubes or colored paper cut-outs if they will be hung in a more conspicuous location in your backyard.

Zap Those Bugs

Keep the bugs from feasting on your family by hanging flypaper around the back yard to catch those pesky flies. If mosquitoes are prevalent in your area, consider a solar bug zapper. These zappers can eliminate most biting insects without requiring proximity to a power outlet. Try to reduce this irritation as much as possible so everyone can enjoy the movie without having to swat mosquitoes.

One of the most important things to consider when planning a movie night in your backyard is your neighbors. After choosing your movie genre and date and time, give them a call and let them know; they will appreciate the heads-up. In normal times, you could even invite them to join you. Be sure to reach out to them in advance and let them know what you are planning.

Parties To Go has what you need to create a memorable movie night in your backyard for your family while you are staying home and staying safe. If you need inspiration for your cinematic soirée, our consultants are here to help. Come in and take a look or check out our website.