The holiday season is always busy, with family, events, errands, and everything in between. Planning for parties doesn’t need to be another stressor. Parties To go has everything needed to make the holiday season festive successfully. 

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day are all special occasions with their own must-haves. Parties To Go has everything you need to get the right decorations and more.

Filled with good food, great people, and all the activities to enjoy. There is no wrong or right way to celebrate, but there are some ways to stand out without too much hassle. 

Plates & More

If you’re hosting a big crowd, disposable plates and silverware are an excellent option to keep cleaning to a minimum. A bonus of using paper plates is the design choices. Parties To Go has options for each holiday. 


Are you looking to spice up your living room and dining room? Having hanging streamers or banners can elevate the holiday cheer. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, simple banners announcing the holiday work great. From New Year’s Eve, going with a simple banner announcing the holiday is great, but a sign saying something like “Welcome to x year” is even more classic!


Parties To Go knows that having guests can damage loved items. If you want to keep your table protected from scrapes and knicks, tablecloths are a must-have. Going with a simple single-tone or most festive design offers an exciting look and provides the protection you want.


While balloons may not be a necessity, they are definitely a fun part of any holiday season. Balloons look great next to a fully laid-out dinner spread or as in an entryway accent. If kids are part of the fun, balloons are a surefire way to add entertainment and wonder. A popular choice for New Year’s eve are balloons in the shape of numbers announcing the coming year. They come in various shapes and sizes and make a stellar photo background and a rad wall accent. 

Specifics for the Holiday Season

With the essentials covered, here is a breakdown of recommendations to include for each party during the holiday season.


  1. Fall-colored plates or plates sporting designs including pumpkins, pilgrims, or another fall iconography. The same can be applied to napkins.
  2. Tablecloths in a darker solid color hide staining from food or beverage.
  3. Balloons to accent rooms
  4. A banner over the entryway to the home.

December Holidays:

It is important to note that during the month of December, a large diversity of holidays is celebrated. So, to keep this simple, here are items we think everyone should include without specifications. Parties To Go has an incredible team that will happily point you toward suitable color schemes and icons for your preferred celebration.

  1. Fine china or other reusable plates and settings.
  2. Tablecloths or table linens with a festive twist
  3. Banners with classic iconography of the celebrated holidays.
  4. Small themed items for the tables
  5. Dessert plates

New Year’s Eve:

  1. Balloons! 
  2. Hanging banners and streamers
  3. Party hats & sound-making party items
  4. Confetti 
  5. A solid colored wall or piece of paper for photos

There’s Even More!

Parties To Go has even more offerings and ideas to make the holiday season an absolute homerun. Reach out or swing by the store to see what’s in stock, or talk to our party experts for any advice you may need!

Cheers to this holiday season!