If you are planning a spring wedding, you might consider some softer shades of your favorite colors. The pastel or softer hues are generally synonymous with springtime. Blending your color choices with some personal creative touches will ensure a picture-perfect day for you and for those who have gathered to celebrate your wedding day. Spring isn’t limited to pastels though. Consider colors that evoke joy and happiness for you – perhaps bright yellow or bold shamrock green. In the end, any color can feel true to spring, especially if you pick certain tones of those colors and combine them in the right ways. Below are a few color choices to consider and pairings to make them pop. You can also find some unique ways to show off your chosen hues in every wedding element, from your invitations to your cake.


The color blue is particularly meaningful at weddings, symbolizing loyalty and strength. Pick a variety of shades of blue and pair them with cream or white to see blues at their very best. Or, choose a pretty pink and couple it with the palest of blues, creating an updated iconic pairing of spring wedding colors. Hydrangeas are a popular choice for weddings and come naturally in varying pink and blue shades. Place bouquets of these large flowers in milk glass vases or bowls and set them on your reception table or offer plates of pink and blue hydrangea cupcakes – this beautiful cupcake frosting technique can be created with a star piping tip.


For some, green is the color of spring – the lime green colors of new leaves on the trees and the shamrock green of grass. Greenery can come in all shapes, sizes, and hues. Pairing it with neutral tones, such as grey ribbons and white flowers, can be an elegant choice. Thread fairy lights carefully through trailing ivy to create a beautiful embellishment for your dessert table.


Couple yellows with a pop of green to mimic a field of daffodils. Or perhaps a pale butter yellow and peach for a more neutral palette – elegant spring wedding colors but also whimsical and citrusy. Keeping with the citrusy theme, serve peach Bellinis or use simple glass cylinder vases filled with bright yellow lemons as centerpieces for your guest tables or for the drinks table.


Pairing a pale pink with cream might be just what you had in mind. For some added glamour, sprinkle in just the smallest bits of gold, like small brushed gold or glass vases containing a spritz of light pink carnations and white peonies for your guest tables. Serve plates of pale pink and cream macaroons topped with edible gold glitter.


If you love the color purple, consider its pastel-hued counterpart – lavender! Accent it with a mint green for an earthy feel. Dress your bridesmaids in lavender and your groomsmen in black with a mint green tie and cumberband. Consider an easy DIY project for centerpieces – place small lavender plants in rustic galvanized pots from your local craft store. How about a refreshing lavender mint beverage at the buffet table?

A good formula to use when choosing your wedding colors is to choose 3 to 6 colors including 1 to 2 neutral colors. Remember, a little variation in the color you choose will add dimension to your arrangements. The only exception to this is when ordering your bridesmaids dresses of a particular color from a bridal boutique – make sure they will be cut from the same dye lot. Most importantly, go with the colors you love the most and have fun.

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