Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that seems to bring out the fun in everyone. If you’re hosting a get together this year, you’re likely searching for some fantastic St. Patrick’s Day party decoration ideas. Luckily, the pros at Parties to Go have you covered.

From simple to elaborate, we have tips and ideas that are sure to liven up your space and make everyone feel like celebrating. We also sprinkled in a few mini-history lessons to learn more about where St. Patrick’s Day traditions came from and what they’re all about. Enjoy!

Bring the Green

Set the tone right off the bat with shades of green everywhere. From invitations to plates and napkins, go for the green. There’s something joyful about the bright color being splashed all over for your party.

Most people believe that the green tradition comes from the lush landscape of the Emerald Isle. In reality, it stems from Ireland’s political history. Starting in the 1600s, a series of revolutions against the British monarchy began in Ireland. While the national color was light blue under the King’s rule, it shifted to green after the rebellions started. Green signified Irish independence from the throne.

For your party, bring out the green streamers, festive wearables, food, and drinks. Parties to Go has all the emerald party decor you need. For a fun centerpiece, place candles in a hurricane vase, making sure the candle is small enough to leave some room around it. Put green M&M’s or marbles between the candles and their holders. Don’t have enough vases? No worries. We have plenty you can rent. 

st patricks day party decoration ideas

Go for the Gold

Legend has it that if you catch sight of a leprechaun and keep your eyes on him, he must reveal where he hides his pot of gold. If you physically capture him, he will grant you three wishes if you free him. Where did this mischievous guy come from in the first place? He’s actually an Irish fairy.

Before Christianity arrived in Ireland with St. Patrick, the Irish believed that the gods, Tuatha De Danann ruled. The gods used the forms of fairies to walk among humans on earth. They were very tall and wore red coats – quite a different version from what we see on cereal boxes today. Eventually, with the spread of Christianity, these fairies morphed into less-important small, impish sprites in green clothes. They were solitary men who earned their gold by making shoes. In fact, The word leprechaun may have come from “leath bhrogan,” which means shoemaker.

Regardless of their origin stories, today leprechauns and their gold are integral to every St. Paddy’s Day celebration. Bring some gold to your party with gold-wrapped chocolate coins scattered on the tables. You could also cover some creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookies with edible gold spray paint for another delicious treasure. Stop by our Party Store to grab gold garlands and rainbow streamers to complete the look.

st patricks day party decoration ideas

Shamrocks All Around

With a little luck o’ the Irish, maybe you’ll find a real four-leaf clover one of these days, but if not, at least you can decorate your home with them with almost no work at all. The ever-present shamrock is an Irish symbol that is easy to incorporate into your St. Patrick’s Day party decor.

A true shamrock has only three leaves, not four. There are many different varieties of this clover plant. St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity in Christianity. Irish also use the three leaves to stand for faith, hope, and love. A four-leaf clover is actually a mutation of the plant, so the Irish say that the fourth leaf stands for luck. Legend has it that anyone who finds this rare clover will have good luck.

Three leaves or four, the shamrock holds a prominent place in St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Parties to Go has shamrocks galore for your party. From shot-glasses to garlands to hats and party favors, you’re sure to find plenty of what you need. For a simple decoration, cut out some shamrock shapes from various shades of green felt. Punch holes in the tops and string them onto some twine for a rustic garland you can hang on your mantel, doorway, or table.

st patricks day party decoration ideas

Spring Rainbows

If you’re going to have pots of gold for your guests, you’re going to need rainbows, too. Where else would the leprechaun hide his treasure? Legend holds that he chooses the end of the rainbow as his hiding spot because it is impossible to find. This crafty shoemaker does not give up his gold easily.

In keeping with many other items associated with St. Patrick’s Day, the rainbow also holds significant meaning in Christianity. Coming from the story of Noah and the flood, St. Patrick taught the Irish that the rainbow signified a promise from God to his people.

It is easy and fun to decorate with rainbows for your St. Paddy’s party. From simple crepe paper to elaborate balloon arches, we have what you want to make your event shine. For some rainbow party snacks, arrange fruits and veggies on a platter like a rainbow. Try strawberries, orange segments, pineapple, honeydew, and blueberries with mini marshmallow “clouds” at the end.

Let Us Help With Your St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

Although it has its roots in religious history, St. Patrick’s Day has developed into a secular celebration in many places now. It’s a time to gather with friends and family to enjoy food and drinks and a chance to look forward to warmer days after the cold winter months. It’s also a chance to drink green beer, so there’s that.

Invite some friends, get some tasty treats and beverages, and head over to Parties to Go to pick up everything you’ll need for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Let us help you make your day fun and stress-free.