It’s time to get creative if your summer vacation destination is the backyard this year. Fortunately, a DIY photo booth is a cost-effective, super fun way to make everyone smile. Follow along for some of our best tips regarding photo booth props and other essentials.

Professional Photographer Not Needed

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert photographer. It’s terrific, of course, if you count a budding Annie Liebowitz among your closest friends. However, your DIY photo booth party can make-do with an enthusiastic amateur with a camera.

Many different types of cameras do an excellent job of capturing the sheer silliness of a photo booth. A camera on a tripod, an instant camera, or your smartphone will all suffice. People also love the effect that disposable cameras can bring to a photo.

Pick a comfortable camera, and don’t stress too much about each shot’s inherent photographic quality.

Work Out the Basics

Forget about merely taking a bunch of bland photographs. Shooting delightful photos is too easy to settle for boring. A little prep work goes a long way in guaranteeing a successful DIY photo booth.

Photo Booth

Think of the photo booth as the stage on which you’ll create a photographic story. You can construct one yourself if you are pretty familiar with simple construction projects. Building a DIY photo booth doesn’t take much money or unique skills to meet your party needs.


Give some thought to the backdrop that you’ll use for the photos. You surely don’t need to stick to the sterile contexts used in school photographs and the DMV. No, choose one that suits the mood of the shoot.

Examples of fantastic backdrop ideas include a garden, flowing fabrics, streamers, balloons, and even colorful paper plates. Check out our Pinterest for an unbelievable variety of DIY backdrops that you can make with products from our Party Store. You can also embrace your techie side by using filters to create unique images. For instance, iMovie allows you to bring your imagination into any image through a green screen. Instagram and Snapchat also offer filters that will let you change your appearance and backdrop. Try TikTok’s green screen feature and other filters to create a one-of-a-kind moving image. Computer technology makes any type of photo backdrop possible.

Once you decide on the basics, it’s time to make your images pop. Now is the moment to think about costumes and photo booth props.

Select Photo Booth Props and Costumes

The ideal camera, photo booth, and backdrop aren’t enough to create a fun photograph. Exotic props and costumes will help to create happy memories. Luckily, we have you covered. We carry a wide variety of props and costumes that will bring your photo booth to the next level.


There’s a reason that costume designers win awards. The ideal hat or seventies-era outfit can transform a cute photo into an amazing one. Happily, you don’t need to overextend your budget to achieve a specific look. Examples of places where you can find potential costumes include

● Your closet
● Our Party Store
● Resale shops

Don’t discount the stuff you have in your closet. You know those concert t-shirts you have from college? They could become the stars of a rock band themed photo booth.

Lane County has plenty of fabulous thrift shops. Take time to browse through the racks at such places as the Assistance League of Eugene and Teen Challenge ReCycle and Donation Center.

Photo Booth Props

Cap off your perfect shot with enough photo booth props to keep your guests delighted throughout the party. One of the terrific things about accessories is their ability to add a considerable element of fun to any photo inexpensively.

Handmade props bring a unique kind of magic to your photo booth. Consider crafting colorful signs that your guests can hold up in the photo. Signs work exceptionally well for a special occasion event, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Printable props make it easy to include a bit of fun in every photograph. An online search will provide you with all sorts of printable accessories for every imaginable theme.

Don’t hesitate to visit your local party supply shop. At Parties To Go, we feature a massive assortment of inexpensive items that will serve as excellent props. We have props that suit whatever occasion you will be celebrating.

Keep in mind that a DIY photo booth should be fun for everyone. Don’t overspend and overthink on the props and costumes. Your loved one is always the real star of the photograph.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, a DIY photo booth is an expensive and potentially hilarious way to turn your backyard party into the highlight of your summer. Taking a little time to plan for things like backdrops, filters, and photo booth props help create a photo book of happy memories. Parties to Go knows how to make backyard parties shine in Eugene, OR.

Contact us for experienced advice and a full range of top-notch supplies.