When planning a significant event (wedding, engagement party, baby shower, etc.), creating a designated space for entertaining is essential. The entertainment space may be a dance floor, a cocktail area for guests to mingle, or a symbolic stage for the VIP. Strategically placed tables and chairs are the most effective way to make this space. Here are three steps for using table and chair rentals to create unique entertainment spaces.

1. Designing the Event Layout

You’ll need first to study the layout of the venue. Then choose the space occupied by the newly married couple, the recent graduate, or the VIP celebrating another milestone. You’ll also need to plan space for buffet tables, dessert tables, a table for the DJ, or adequate space for a band.

You should also decide if you’ll want a designated cocktail space. Planning for this space can be extremely helpful, allowing guests to mingle while couples are busy with wedding photos.

Avoid putting all main tables on one side of the venue, as this will lead to crowding and an unbalanced feel in the room. So, consider having your bar on the opposite side as the band or DJ. Since people often congregate around the bar, you may wish to have the gift or dessert tables in another area. Once you’ve blocked space for these essential vignettes, you’ll be ready to plan how to arrange your guest tables.

2. Choosing the Perfect Tables and Chairs

Once you’ve mapped out the space that will be occupied, you will be able to see what size, shape, and size tables will fit the space the best. If the event is less formal, such as a birthday party, you may opt for tall cocktail table rentals placed in a semi-circle to create a dance floor. When planning a wedding reception, you’ll likely choose between banquet, square, or round tables.

Then, you’ll need to pick chairs that match the style and fit the space. Options generally range from formal ballroom chairs to folding chairs of varying types and colors. If you’re struggling to decide which table and chair rentals are best for your venue, ask the special event rental company for help.

table and chair rental3. Arranging the Perfect Layout

Once you’ve determined where the guests of honor will sit, where fixed stations will be located, and the type of table and chair rentals you’ll use, it’s time to arrange the layout. All guests should be able to see the guests of honor from their seats.

You’ll also want to maintain symmetry in the space. Nearly equal numbers of tables on each side of the room will create balance.

Of course, you need to leave room for dancing, so be sure to create space if there isn’t a designated dance floor. Putting guest tables in a horseshoe shape, with open space in front of the guest of honor’s table, often accomplishes this.

Ask the venue host for suggestions if you need help arranging the perfect layout. Or opt for a tried-and-true layout design.

Special Event Table and Chair Rentals in Lane County

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