Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time is a big moment for most people. The chance to host a great gathering with friends, family, and food is an unforgettable memory you will cherish forever. Although exciting, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can also come with a lot of stress. Where will everyone sit? Will there be enough flatware for everyone? How should you decorate your very first Thanksgiving?! That’s where Thanksgiving event rentals come in to save the day!

Ease your Thanksgiving day stress by reserving quality event rentals in the quantity that you need. You can rent tables, chairs, china, flatware, glassware, linens, etc. By reserving Thanksgiving event rentals, it allows you the time to set-up, cook, and clean-up at your own pace. You won’t be panicked and everyone that attends your dinner will be able to enjoy their dinner comfortably.

Not sure what to rent?

Here are Our Suggestions for Thanksgiving Event Rentals:

table and chair rental

Tables and Chairs (With Extra Room)

No one wants to be constantly hitting elbows with the person next to them while trying to eat. Avoid this problem by taking note of how many guests you expect to have. From there, rent chairs and tables big enough to have a few extra spots. You can rent round or banquet tables, which allow you to organize and combine to fit areas in your home, or wherever you may be hosting your dinner.

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Catering Equipment

For a Thanksgiving dinner with a lot of guests, it may be easier to have everyone pick up their food “buffet-style.” With catering equipment, you can set up a food area that people can access in an organized fashion. This also allows your guests to grab the portions they want and go back for seconds if they wish to.

glassware rental

A Variety of Glassware

Some of your guests will prefer to drink red wine with their dinner, while others may stick to water. It’s important to have a variety of glassware for your guests to choose from.

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Eye-Catching China

This isn’t just an ordinary dinner, so your everyday plates won’t work! Fancy it up by renting beautiful china that will make your guests feel special. it will also help fancy up the overall look of your dinner table. See the item below…

linens and napkin rental

Decorative Linens and Napkins

We all know the best part of hosting an event is decorating! Play with linens in fall-color tones and textures to create a gorgeous look for your Thanksgiving dinner table. We suggest setting up your tables the night before Thanksgiving. That way you can spend the night decorating, and focus on cooking when you need to.

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Extra Flatware

We can’t stress enough the importance of this one! Thanksgiving dinners often consist of a variety of courses. If you run out of flatware, your guests are forced to use the same utensil for everything. That, or you’ll be stuck in the kitchen washing them when you could be spending time with your family. Instead, rent enough flatware so this isn’t an issue!

Give us a call to reserve your Thanksgiving event rentals before the big day!