Each year thousands of people flock to spend time outside where their team is playing. It’s a great way to come together as fans, get stoked for the game, and have some great food and drinks. Parties To Go knows everything you need to throw the best tailgate party in the lot.


Ready to show your team spirit? Parties to go recommends going with products that highlight which team you’re going for. Disposable plates and cups are a great starting point. If you’re on a budget and looking for one set to show your fandom, they are an excellent low-cost option. With a tailgate party that is more focused on serving up the best food in the lot, serving trays partner well with disposable items. 

Parties To Go also recommends purchasing streamers in the color of your favorite team. Streamers are a fairly inexpensive option to decorate without the commitment of team flags or signs. As with the food-related options, a big plus of streamers is that they can be used inside or outside without too much effort. 

Food & Drink

Food plays a large role in a tailgate party. Most often, you’ll find easy-on-the-fly food like burgers and hotdogs. Filling up on hearty food before the game will help beat out the stadium food prices. Chips, dips, and sandwiches are also popular in the tailgate party scene. 

It goes without saying drinks are a massive part of tailgating culture. From non-alcoholic options to more adult-focused beverages, they are at almost every tailgate party. It’s important to remember who your group is and how to accommodate them best. 

Food and drink are best served with team-branded plates and cups. Parties To go can help find the right options or color schemes for an extra touch of team spirit. 

Costumes, Jewelry, Party Favors

If you really want some extra party spirit, grab some accessories! If your team has a mascot you can dress up as, go for it! Your tailgate party will stand out and draw attention from many people. 

A more subtle option is team-colored or themed accessories – Simple bead necklaces, earrings with the mascot, and facepaint are just a few ways to show your team spirit. Some other accessories that are often used are foam fingers and hats. (We’re big fans of oversized foam hats.) 

Lastly, party favors. While not common at tailgate parties, little party favors for the group you’re hosting are another way to have the most memorable tailgate party around. Filling up a team-branded bag with noise makers, jewelry items, and even some special drinks to enjoy is an instant hit. 

Parties To Go

We want to help you have the best tailgate party in the lot. Our shop offers every type of decoration for your party. We also have options for indoor celebrations if you’re looking to tailgate from home. If you have questions or need any additional information, reach out to us!