Are you ready to unleash the Upside Down and party this Halloween? Get your Scoops Ahoy sailor costume on, grab some Eggos from the freezer, and turn up your vintage Walkman with some 80s hits. It’s time to get your Stranger Things on for a teen-friendly Halloween bash! Whether you’re hosting or just attending – our ultimate Stranger Things party guide has everything you need to throw the perfect shindig at home! Complete with tasty treats, outrageous decorations, and themed activities. Keep reading to discover how you can bring the Upside Down into your living room and ensure this is a Halloween that nobody will ever forget.


Set the Scene with Decorations

If you’re a fan of the hit show Stranger Things, you’ll love the idea of throwing a Halloween party inspired by the Upside Down. But how do you take your decorations to the next level and make your guests feel like they’re really in Hawkins? Start by recreating the chilling alphabet wall that Joyce Byers used to communicate with her son in the show. You just need large black letters and some Christmas string lights. Then add retro props like an old telephone and vintage lamps, and throw a quilt over your couch to complete the ambiance.

Rather than neglecting traditional Halloween decorations, use them to your advantage. Think cobwebs, pumpkins, and scary skeletons. Set the Upside Down scene with dim lighting. Add in spooky LED uplights, some flickering candles, and dark purple or red string lights. This will add to the spooky ambiance. With these added elements, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped through the portal into the eeriness of the Upside Down.


Plan Costumes

Please encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite characters from the show and accessorize with wigs, masks, and props. Get creative with accessories to make the costumes as authentic as possible. Like Eleven’s Eggo waffles, Dustin’s trucker cap, Jonathan’s camera, Max’s Walkman, Eddie’s guitar, and Barb’s glasses. There’s no need to be a pro at cosplay. Just have some fun with it! Want to go all out? Show up in a Scoops Ahoy sailor uniform! Or keep it simple yet cool with a “Hellfire Club” tee. The possibilities are endless as long as you stay loyal to the characters.


Prepare Mysterious Food

Elevate your party to the next level with a variety of themed food to keep everyone immersed yet satisfied all night.

  • Try making a homemade Demogorgon pizza for those with bigger appetites. Shape some pizza dough to resemble the creepy monster, and top it off with extra red sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings. Or, if you prefer, order a pizza and serve it in a custom-designed “Surfer Boy” Pizza box.
  • To truly immerse yourself in the world of the show, prepare snacks straight from the series. Foods like handi-snacks, cans of Coke, and pudding snacks. Or get creative with Hawkins High School buckets of Popcorn.
  • Don’t forget to set out some vintage ’80s candy for a nostalgic touch. Pop rocks, pez dispensers, and smarties are perfect.
  • Try a show-stopping dessert and bake an upside-down cake that pays homage to the upside-down world of the show.
  • Or, for an epic experience, set up an Eggo waffle station. Or an ice cream bar with Scoops Ahoy bowls to serve it in. Don’t forget to provide everyone with loads of flavors and toppings to complete the experience truly.

Put Together Some Games

It’s essential to keep the guests entertained throughout the night, and there are plenty of game ideas to choose from. Simply play some Dungeons & Dragons. Or perhaps one of the many Stranger Things-themed party games and trivia. These are available at most big box stores. You could also be creative, use your Christmas lights communication board, and have everyone guess a special message. And challenge everyone to a thrilling “Who is the Mind Flayer?” game. Try preparing a scavenger hunt. Finally, create a monster pinata filled with ’80s candies for a crafty touch, and have a blast playing “Kill The Demigorgon”! Find these games, rules, and directions online here for easy instructions.


Create the Perfect Upside Down scene with props for photos!

A Stranger Things party wouldn’t be complete without the chance for your teen and their friends to take some great photos in the Upside Down. Craft a portal to the infamous alternate dimension. Use some poster board, paint, black trash bags, black electrical tape, and polyurethane foam spray for tree roots. Make sure to add in fake spider webs. Take it to the next level by adding a life-sized Demogorgon, a hazmat suit, and a vintage bike. And don’t forget plenty of props like an old hand radio, walkie-talkies, or flashlights. Also, have clothing like Hopper’s Hawaiian shirt or Hawkins Lab jackets available for guests who didn’t dress up. This way they can still participate in the fun. Your guests will truly feel like characters from the hit show and will love showing off their photos.


Get the Music Going

Last but not least, get the music going and make sure everyone is dancing the night away! What would a Stranger Things party be without a killer playlist? Pop on some 80s classics and iconic tracks from the show to get your guests grooving and reliving their favorite moments from the series. Have an awesome karaoke sing-off with who can sing the never-ending story song Dustin sings the best. And end the night with ‘The Final Countdown’ dance party to send everyone into an 80s frenzy of robotic dance moves. Trust us, this will be an unforgettable party your friends will discuss for weeks.


Start Planning Now

Thanks for reading our guide to throwing the perfect Halloween shindig for teens at home! Whether creating a complete Hawkins Halloween experience or hosting a creepy viewing party, there are plenty of creative ways to make this Halloween one for the books. As long as you keep Will out of the Mind Flayer’s reach (we wouldn’t want him getting lost in the void), you can rest assured that everyone will have an enchanting night full of spooky surprises. So, don’t wait any longer – it’s time to get ready for the party of the year! Get all your supplies at Parties To Go, where you’ll find all the ingredients necessary to create an epic Upside Down bash. We hope this guide helps you create a Stranger Things party like no other, and we wish you and yours a fun-filled holiday season!