White projects a sense of purity and new beginnings; balloons are festive and fun. Consider white balloons for your next event – they are classic, elegant, and can fit in with any theme. Incorporating balloon garlands, bouquets, and photo backdrop walls are ways you can enhance your next event, big or small, without breaking the bank. 

Balloon Garlands

Add white mini balloons to your floral or greenery gardens for a crisp, clean accent. 

Balloon Wall Backdrop

Cover a wall with white balloons in a variety of sizes and let guests use it as a backdrop for all those pictures they will want to take at your party. Or make sure everyone knows where the dessert or cocktail table is – make a statement and install a floor-to-ceiling balloon backdrop positioned behind it! Consider using several different balloon sizes to make it even more interesting.

Cool Pool Décor

If it is too cool out for guests to splash around in the pool, why not jazz it up a bit with levitating white balloons. The pretty blue of the pool under a scattering of white balloons adds a classic look to any backyard party. This is an easy DIY project. Use filament to tie a waterproof weight at one end and a balloon at the other end and drop them in the pool. Mix and match sizes and shapes if you want.

Balloon Centerpieces

Tall centerpieces can give height to your guest tables. Consider adding single oversized white helium-filled balloons or balloon bouquets to your table décor for an elegant dinner party. The strings can be hidden by wrapping greenery around them or by decorating them with small cardstock cutouts in any shape or color attached to the string. This is a great way to add to your centerpiece without taking up space on the table. 

Balloon Place Card Alternative

Consider this fresh take on the traditional place card. Personalize white balloons with the name of each guest and tie them to the chair you would like them to sit in. Since there is no easy or inexpensive way to personalize balloons, this might be best for smaller parties. 

Balloon Chandelier

Consider creating a ginormous white balloon chandelier to install over your dinner table or above the dance floor. 

Hanging Photos

Fill the room with helium-filled white balloons and hang photos of the birthday girl or boy from their strings. This is a great idea for wedding receptions or engagement parties too. If the reception hall is large, create a “walk down memory lane” section to hang photos of the bride and groom from balloon strings. 

Additional Tips

Below are a few precautions about using balloons. white balloons

  • Balloons and the helium they are filled with can both be harmful – popped balloons present a choking hazard and the helium can be dangerous if ingested.
  • Keep filled balloons in a cool (not cold) place – sunlight can cause helium to heat, resulting in leakage, and heat can cause balloons to expand and pop. Don’t keep filled balloons in a hot car.
  • When you are finished using the balloons, cut the ends off to remove any air or balloon gas and throw the balloon in the garbage bin. It is never a good idea to release balloons into the environment. 
  • Most balloons are made of natural rubber latex and may cause allergies.
  • Lights, irregular surfaces, textured paint and static can all pop balloons. Test out balloons before your event. 


White Balloons from Parties To Go

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