Love is in the air…so decorate to your heart’s content! Whether you are setting up for a romantic night with your partner or looking to fill the whole house with Valentines Day decor, there are key themes to create a lovely aesthetic.

Add Red Accents

Red has long been associated with love and desire. It is also known to provoke the strongest emotions of any color. Since ancient Egypt, women have painted their lips red to appear more attractive. And in ancient Greece, red roses were dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Set the mood for this Valentine’s Day by decorating your home with the color of love.

Drape a red throw blanket on the arm of your favorite chair or add red pillows to beds, chairs and sofas. In your bedroom, splurge on a pair of red silk pillowcases for a soft and luxurious feel.

In the living room, try wrapping a few books from your shelves in red or pink construction paper. Then, use a metallic marker to write an affectionate message along each spine for an easy, fun display.

Hearts Abound

The heart shape is a timeless symbol for affection and love. Use it as a focus for your Valentine’s Day decorations. Craft a floral heart wreath with silk flowers to hang on your wall or front door. Then, create smaller versions to hang on your doorknobs. You can also use red and white baker’s twine to string hearts with funny Valentine’s Day quotes and hang them throughout the house.

Embellish your potted plants with DIY wire heart sticks. Or, wrap them with red doilies and a string of hearts cut from red cardstock. If you have an indoor tree, hang red, pink and white ornaments on a few branches.

Don’t forget the bathroom! Fill a mini vase or small dish with heart-shaped soaps and place heart-shaped bath bombs near the tub. In your bedroom, you can string heart-shaped lights along your headboard or wrap them around your bed frame.

Fun with Food and Drink

For a romantic and inviting aesthetic, make chocolate a central part of your Valentines Day decor. Fill mason jars or pretty vases with heart-shaped chocolates. Or, fire up the oven and bake heart-shaped cookies to display in a clear cookie jar. If you like to unwind with a hot cup of tea, you can find heart-shaped teas at Uncommon Goods. If you are serving wine with dinner, grab some large chalkboard stickers and markers to add your own labels with Valentine’s Day messages.


Set the tone for a romantic evening with beautiful and luxurious centerpieces. Surround colorful, aromatic candles with a bouquet of fresh pink and red flowers for a simple yet elegant look. Use silk rose petals and flameless pillar candles for a timeless look you can use year after year.

Valentines Day Decor with Parties To Go

Parties To Go can help you capture the style of the season with Valentines Day décor for your home. Come by our store for some inspiration and chat with a consultant if you have any questions. We’re here to help!