Gone are the days when Valentine’s Day was just a celebration for couples. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spread the love for all the relationships in your life. How better to celebrate love than with a party? Anyone can buy cute cardboard Valentines or a box of chalky candy hearts from the store. Be the one in your friend group to go above and beyond for Valentine’s Day this year and throw a party that will have everyone feeling the love.

Whether you want to celebrate with your gal pals, with all your friends, or with your kid’s entire class, we have you covered. Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day party ideas for adults and kids. There are even some themes you can modify to be fun for adults and kids alike.

valentines day party ideas for kids

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

The key with Valentine’s Day parties for kids is to keep them away from sugar until right before you’re ready to send them home. We’re kidding, but these party ideas are centered around having fun rather than having candy. Parenting hack: if you’re really ambitious, you can use a Valentine’s Day party to knock out the obligatory Valentine’s gifts your kids will inevitably need to take to school with them.

Musical Hearts Party

This one is for all you parents with kids in theater classes. Throw a musical themed Valentine’s Day party. Cut out some felt hearts so you can play musical hearts (hint: it’s just like musical chairs but instead of sitting in a chair, you have to stand on a heart when the music stops). Put on some of these cute Valentine’s Day songs, then have the kids make up their own. Whoever gives the best performance wins a Valentine’s Day treat. Don’t forget to pick up some themed party supplies to complete the celebration.

Crafty Valentine’s Party

You’ll be the hero of the school if you host a crafty Valentine’s party before the actual day and invite your kid’s classmates over to make Valentines. The best kid’s party is the one where everyone has a great time and you save parents a trip to the store. There are tons of cute Valentine’s crafts on Pinterest. Pick a few favorites, like these cute Valentine’s Day bags or these Valentine’s Day sun-catchers. You could set up a craft table with supplies and let the kids pick what they make. Just make sure to pick up a color-themed tablecloth to protect your furniture (available at our Party Store).

Cookie Decorating Party

This party idea may include a little sugar, but it incorporates a lot of creativity and fun, too. Plus, what’s Valentine’s Day without a few sweet treats? Bake some sugar cookies in advance (in heart shapes, of course), then whip up some red, white, and pink icing and fill up your icing tubes. Don’t forget to grab some Valentine-colored candies, too. Set everything out and let the kids decorate cookies to give to their friends and neighbors. You may need more than one tablecloth for this party…

valentines day party ideas for adults

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

Kids shouldn’t get to have all the Valentine’s Day fun. There are plenty of fun ways adults can celebrate with their own Valentine’s Day parties. You may not miss getting chalky candy hearts delivered to your desk at school, but everyone likes to feel loved by their friends. Growing up doesn’t mean you have to sit out on the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Galentine’s Day Party

Sorry fellas, this party is for girls only. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic love. Take time to celebrate your girlfriends with a Galentine’s Day party. Make up some of these fun Valentine’s-themed cocktails and don’t forget the cupid chow to snack on while you watch all your favorite rom-coms on Netflix. Show yourselves some love and turn the Galentine’s night into a spa night, too. Wear your heart-covered pajamas and throw on some face masks before you start the movies. Decorations are a breeze with this party theme. Just go with a pink out (girl power!). You’ll need pink confetti, tablecloths, and cups.

Sugar Cookie Bake-Off Party

If you throw this party the night before you have all the kids over for a cookie-decorating party, you get extra brownie points (pun intended). Make the fellow parents help you prepare, but have fun doing it. Pick out your favorite sugar cookie recipe, then grab some heart-shaped cookie cutters and get to baking. If you have a competitive group of friends, you can turn it into a competition. Whoever makes the best sugar cookies or whoever can cut the most cookies in the shortest amount of time wins a cute Valentine-themed goodie basket to take home for themselves.

Valentine-Themed Game Night Party

Everyone loves game night. February is a great excuse to do game night with a twist of love. Play “heart to heart.” In this game, your guests have to pair off and then work as a team to move a balloon across the room without using their hands. Grab some heart-shaped balloons to stick with the theme. Then, set up some pink solo cups and play Cupid’s Cups. In this game, guests have to use a Nerf gun to knock the cups off the table. The person to accomplish this without running out of bullets wins.

valentines day party ideas for adults

Of course, you can always combine party themes and throw a party adults and kids alike will love. Try a mommy-and-me baking party where the moms bake and the kids decorate. Or, you can do an all-ages game night and adjust the level of difficulty on the games depending on who is playing.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, let us help. At Parties to Go, we have all the party supplies and decorations you need to create a Valentine’s Day party everyone will have heart-eyes for.