Everyone knows a wedding is all about the details. From signs to a personalized gift table, the details are often what help make the wedding day so memorable and personal. However, many wedding details, understandably, get missed. A lot of the wedding details that get missed are the simple, low-cost details that help the day run smoothly. That’s why, in the midst of wedding season, we have made a list of the top 8 wedding details not to forget.

wedding details

1. Directions/Signs for All Events

Some weddings have multiple locations: one for the ceremony, another for the reception, and sometimes a third for the after-party. Perhaps the wedding will be on top of a mountain at trail marker eight. There might also be streets with similar names or missing signposts.

Wedding Directions

Have printed directions that match the theme of your wedding and/or contain pictures of the happy couple. Make sure these directions are small and can easily fit into a guest’s purse.

Wedding Signs

Add colorful mylar balloons on wedding signs throughout the event to get guests attention. Having a decorative sign with balloons helps guests know where to turn if the location is a bit hidden, where to park, and where to go following the ceremony.

Another great use of signs is to have smaller signs on every table with hashtags to use while guests take pictures of the special day. The thread of images using these hashtags is pretty fun to look at while you fly to wherever your honeymoon is.

2. Plan Extra Fun

While kids sure make the special day cute, they lose interest pretty quickly, so having something for them to do helps not just the day, but their parents, too. Having a piñata filled with fun items like candy or confetti will make your wedding day extraordinary and keep the kids entertained.

Outdoor games for guests to play at the reception like croquet, horseshoes, or even a golf challenge are always a hit. Adding a bit of family-style fun at the reception can keep everyone laughing and celebrating.

wedding details

3. Set the Mood Lighting

Brighten up the mood and the reception! Careful lighting preparation can turn an ordinary outdoor patio into a spectacular scene with bistro-style lights that mimic tiny stars. If you are looking for an outdoor feel at an indoor event, rent streetlamp lights, and let guests stroll on by. Some other great lighting options include the following:

  • A disco ball on the dance floor
  • Chandeliers
  • Programmable colorful LED lighting

4. Provide Snacks

No matter how great the food is for the main course, there’s something about guests being able to grab a snack that makes you a great host. That’s why we recommend a snack station with concession item rentals, such as the following:

  • A popcorn machine
  • Sno-cone machine
  • Soft-serve ice cream

Not only will snacks keep the guests and wedding party happy, but they will make for some great memories.

wedding details

5. Don’t Forget About the Gift Table

It’s always important to make sure there’s a clear place for guests to place gifts. Decorating the table to match your theme is a great way to make it stand out. Make sure to put a “thank you” sign near or on the table, so guests know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

6. Alternate Food Options

With today’s’ unique food allergies, it’s important there is food everyone can enjoy. Make sure to clearly (and stylishly) mark the foods for guests with allergies or special accommodations. Here are just a few of the allergies and accommodations to keep in mind:

  • Nut allergies
  • Lactose allergies
  • Gluten-free
  • Fish allergies
  • No-sugar diets (Keto)
  • Vegan/vegetarian lifestyles

7. Conversation Starters and Table Fun

Guests often do not know what to do when they get to their table. To avoid awkward silences after the typical, “So, how do you know the bride and groom?” questions are done, provide fun and easy conversation starters and table games. It can help if you have a trivia card game at a table, or rules like, “The first person to say marriage has to make a toast!” These little details make the day fun and full of joy.

8. Picture Fun

With selfies here to stay and a camera phone in everyone’s pocket, having a photo booth with props is a sure way to make some memories. You can create a fun background and let your guests go to town and create lasting memories. Don’t forget to photo-bomb some of the pictures!

We know the big day can be overwhelmingly stressful but also overwhelmingly amazing. No matter what phase you’re in with your wedding planning, we can help! Contact us today for all your wedding planning needs.