If you are thinking about using a tent for your wedding, a proper tent layout is key to ensure your event runs smoothly. Below are suggestions on how to create a great tent layout for your wedding.

Consider the Details of Your Event

Many factors will determine the shape, size, and type of wedding tent you’ll want to use.

Start thinking about the details of your event. Answer questions like, will the tent be used for both the ceremony and reception? How many guests will attend the event? Where will the event be held? Will the events occur at a large outdoor venue, such as a park, or a smaller location, such as a backyard space? Do you anticipate a chance of rain?

What’s the Headcount?

One of the biggest factors for choosing the size and shape of a wedding tent should be the number of people you expect at the event. This number can include guests, wedding party members, servers, and band or orchestra members. In general, 100 guests require 1,600 feet of space. For each additional ten people, add at least 100 feet of space.

Create a Seating Chart

Use your guest list to figure out how many tables and chairs you need, and then create a seating chart. Even if you don’t assign seats, creating a seating chart will help you identify anyone who needs additional space.

For example, you may have a guest who requires the use of a wheelchair. You might also consider reserving their space at a specific table with easy access and allowing additional space in walkways. Also, don’t forget to factor in walkways in between each furniture piece.

What Will Your Reception Include?

Will the reception include buffet-style dining, or will it be catered? Each type will require a different amount of space. A catered event will require more servers and, thus, additional space for walkways and access.

Will there be dancing and music? If you are hiring a DJ, band, or orchestra quartet, you will need space in the wedding tent for a stage, DJ booth, music cart or technology stand for charging and cables, and speakers with stands.

Hiring a Larger Band

If you are hiring a larger band, consider a tent specifically designed for this purpose, such as a stage tent. Avoid locating outlets and cables in high-traffic areas. If you plan to have a dance floor, think about where you will want to place it beneath the tent.

Fitting a Bar, Wedding Cake, and More

  • Other items that should be factored into the size and layout of your reception tent include:
  • A wet and/or dry bar.
  • Waiter station for easy access.
  • Gift and guest book table(s).
  • A dedicated table for the wedding cake.
  • Also, you may need heaters or air conditioning and trash cans in and around the space.

Online Layout Tools

There are a variety of online layout tools, such as the event seating software at www.socialtables.com. Many of these tools will help you create multiple versions of layout options for your shape and size tent. Comparing options side by side can help you choose the best layout for your event.

Wedding Tent Options from Parties To Go

Parties To Go has a variety of tent styles and sizes available for rent. If you are considering renting a wedding tent and need assistance choosing the right one, the consultants at Parties To Go can set you up for success. Drop by or give us a call – we are here to help ensure your wedding event runs smoothly and worry-free.