Summer is drawing to a close, but before we start hunkering down for fall (Go Ducks!), why not ring in the new season with a fun-filled end-of-summer event? Carnival games for an end-of-summer family gathering can make sure your party is fun for all ages, and the memories will last a lifetime. Here’s a look at games available to rent for your summer send-off party.

Children’s Carnival Games for Rent

Let’s face it, kids need to be entertained. While the adults are chatting, noshing, or imbibing in a cocktail, kids can have a ton of fun with carnival games like the ones listed below.

  • Froggy Fly Fling

This fun children’s game takes less than five minutes to set up and can be safely played inside or outside. Children of all ages will love using a rubber mallet to catapult “insects” into the frog’s mouth to score points.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

There’s a reason this game has remained popular for decades. Ideal for kids of all ages, the heavy-duty frame, and red and blue beanbags can keep kids laughing and entertained for hours.

Carnival Style Game Rentals for All Ages

Bond with your family members of all ages with simple, but entertaining games such as Cornhole. Or, to treat your kids, nieces, nephews, and grandkids to a special treat, consider renting a Tycoon Typhoon, which blows money, coupons, and other lightweight treats, while the player attempts to catch as many as they can. The Laser Toss game is also safe for all ages; it’s fun tossing “lasers” into “craters” in a canvas to score points.

Providing these all-ages welcome games, along with other DIY games, will ensure your party is a hit for the youngest and oldest family members and friends.

Party Games Adults Will Love

Adults deserve to get in on the playful action at parties too! After all, aren’t we supposed to work hard and play hard? So, be sure to rent some games the adults will enjoy as well, such as the ones listed below.

  • Golf Challenge

This fun carnival game allows you to try your hand on the “green” with Velcro balls that stick to a simulated canvas golf course. Adults will love teeing up for friendly competition.

  • Horseshoe Toss

Another classic game to consider renting for your gathering is the timeless horseshoe toss. Set up the entire game in seconds and enjoy hours of fun.

  • Tug-of-War

Who knew a simple sturdy rope and a flag could provide so much entertainment? Our Tug-of-War rental kit can lead to tons of fun as family members team-up to compete.

Eugene’s Best Party and Game Rental Company

No end-of-summer event is complete without carnival games for your loved ones to enjoy. Parties To Go has everything you need to plan and host a memorable party for any occasion. From tables, chairs, and place settings, to balloons, wedding reception décor items, and more, if you can conceive it, we can help you create it! We invite you to stop by Eugene’s best party rental store or call us today to schedule a consultation with an event planner.